Apply For Federal Government (FG) BEA Scholarships For 2020 — 246 Comments

  1. Please the 5 distinction s requirement… Is it applicable to undergraduate applicants only or also post graduate applicants.

    Secondly, without the invitation, does it mean that one is univited for the test?

  2. Please my interview comes up on 15th February, still not got my invitation. do i need to travel for the interview irrespective of that. please kindly assist me.

    Thank you.

  3. please Nigeria is not included in the sending partners. which country do i use.
    Please, i need urgent reply.

    Much Thanks

  4. I am a PhD applicant. I apply for this scholarship but I have not received invitation letter for the interview from the scholarship board. Can I go for the interview scheduled on Monday?

  5. I am PhD applicant from Yobe State. But the class of my Bachelor’s degree is second class lower. Am I eligible?

  6. I am from Yobe State. i am PhD applicant, I have my first and second degree in Library and information science. But, my Bachelor’s degree is second class lower. Am i eligible?

  7. Sir, Please, i have my B.Sc in Architecture (3.63) but with 4C’S & 4B’S in WAEC. Although already applied. wanted to know if am eligible for the interview. do i need to come for the interview?

    Best Regards.

  8. Please Sir, I have a B.Sc in Architecture (3.63) and have 4B’S & 4C’S in my WAEC. I applied already but not too sure about if i’ll be considered with my WAEC Result. do i come for the interview?

    Sterling: +234(0)7032034017, +234(0)8179804601

  9. Please sir can i go to the screening hall with hospital birth certificate. I just applied for my NPC certificate today and they said it will come out a week. Can i still go?

  10. Can you go for the exam with the application form not being accepted.please i need reply ASAP because mine is on Monday and my form hasn’t been accepted

  11. sir I have 4Bs and 4Cs am I qualified to apply? do I have high tendency to gain admission if less people apply in my state? thanks

  12. Good day sir, the requirements do not include an admission into any schools in the respective country. Does the scholarship intend to cater to that?

  13. Good day Sir, please am currently a Corp member serving in Ebonyi State University. Am I eligible to apply though my NYSC is not yet ready? thank you.

    • Since it was specified that all applicants must have finished their service, I don’t think you are eligible.

      On the other hand, there is no harm in trying. You may want to give it a try.

  14. I got A1’s in all my sciences and B3 in English wat z my chance of getting the scholarship?…pls answer fast oo…

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