Current Affairs Online Practice Quiz — 75 Comments

  1. its a lovely app but can you please put the correction so one can know the question his gone wrong in.lovely one

  2. wow!!! This is great. May the lord continue to increase your wisdom. Am excited to see great work like this.

  3. Hello sir God bless u for this ur amazing website i need naf aptitude test pass question and answers sir thank u sir.

  4. Hi,
    I attempted your quiz online and there was a question read
    How many local Government do we have in Nigeria?
    I picked 774 and your own answer is 770
    Please, prove it.

  5. The current chief justice of Nigeria is Walters Samuel! And it is not the option! Please correct this! Thank you!

  6. This is very good website and it was so interesting but my subjection is that oga that open this great website pls u should try and show us answers after so that we will know the one we get correctly and the one we failed

  7. Hi……this is a great website and u are doing an excellent job. Keep it up
    I’m writing total scholarship exams and i need help with the quantitative reasoning past questions pls
    Thnx once again.

  8. waoo, so interesting I have been searching for such wetside for a long time now, I’m happy that I finally got it. pls keep it up, thank u.

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