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  1. desriny on said:

    Pls wat are the novels I’m supposed to read for literature in english


    please i beg you by the name of jesus i need jamb/waec syllable 2019

  3. Marvey Thermo on said:

    I Need an indepth teaching on physics and chemistry cause dats what am looking for in waec pls can i trust this tutoring scheme to go higher

  4. MAGNIFICENT on said:


    • Blessing Chang on said:

      i want to pass my waec and jamb plz help out


    i love to join this group because of my NECO 2019.

  6. khuye oluwaseun on said:

    I want to pass my waec and jamb pls help me

  7. Akinlawon Sherif on said:

    I will love to join

  8. soneye tolulope on said:

    Will love to join

    • soneye Tolulope on said:

      I really want to pass this year jamb,help mhe out please

  9. EDACHE CLARUS on said:


  10. nicks sam on said:

    i wanna make my jamb without an expo but my co-students said it aint possible

    • Lol… It’s 100% possible. Besides, Jamb expo is almost impossible these days.

      • Vincent on said:

        Sir, please how can I get to your blog jamb student

  11. Anonymous on said:


  12. Anonymous on said:

    SIR am still in ss2 but very soon i will want to write my GCE can you still accept me

  13. Attah Timothy on said:

    Plz I need a help from u people, about how jamb next year will goes on plz. I am a need of help and how to sussed it

  14. Joy Monday on said:

    Good morning sir, please how do I activate my my flash learner app without paying the money into your account

    • There is an option to activate it online… Open the app, click activate, scroll to buy license and choose a payment option best conducive for you…

  15. ayuk marvlyne on said:

    greetings sir.wish to join your grp so i can get updates

  16. BANJI FAITH on said:

    sir i want to join ur grup am realy interested

  17. Abraham Gambo on said:

    When is jamb registration starting for 2019

  18. Anonymous on said:

    I score 148 on my jamb, did FCE oshiele is going to give me admission in biochemistry

  19. Anastasia on said:

    Sir,what universities accept GCE result for admission,also can I write Jan/fen GCE to gain admission?

  20. NAPHTALI on said:

    Helo sir gudeveni,sir i 1 2 write jamb 2019 so i need yr help yr advice hw 2 go true pls

  21. Tony on said:

    I try joining ur group Mr isaac but ÄŽ link is been revoke @ Pls how can I b a member of the group

  22. Mustapha Usman on said:

    sir which day will weac registration will start for 2019

  23. Olamide ayo on said:

    What courses can i read in collede of education,without writing mathematics in jamb

  24. Happiness onuigbo on said:

    Nice one

  25. Hossen on said:

    Fce Abeokuta

  26. Oluwapelumi. on said:

    Advice me sir, i love reading with a friend who has the same goal and focus mine.
    How can i discover such person?

    • Just continue doing your thing… In no distance time, you will attract your kind of person.

    • Anonymous on said:


  27. Ajayi, MF on said:

    Thanks for your various analysis on waec, ssce, neco umte etc. To me, there are too many articles to read, making it very confusing . Although they appear to useful, but if a student reads these papers/articles daily when will he have time to actually study for the subjects in the school. Many schools do not even allow the students to carry phones. How then will the student read your articles.

    • The articles are not what you just read a day to the exam. For example, you have months till Jamb, Waec and Neco, you can actually go through the guide within three days or less

  28. Kenneth Edosomwan on said:

    How can I check the JSS NECo exam Result for 2018

  29. Daniel on said:

    gud evening sir i socered 256 in jamb

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