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Jamb Biology Online CBT Practice Quiz — 81 Comments

  1. Anonymous on said:

    pls sir can u make the question be 30..

  2. Jibrin Isa on said:

    Keep it up in grace obviously we are enjoying

  3. SA VO on said:

    NO ANSWER!!!!!

  4. SA VO on said:


  5. Isaac stephen on said:

    Right now I feel like I am the happiest person on earth,I pray to have this score in my jamb exam next year. May God fulfill all your heart desire sir.

  6. GOD'S SON on said:

    Tremendous!!!!. sir,pls check no:11,it should be natural selection and not use and disuse becuz it is a morphological variation.

  7. Anonymous on said:

    Jaunty!!!!. Thank you very much sir.

  8. God's son. on said:

    I am extremely excited!!!!.MAY GOD REWARD YOU ABUNDANTLY.THANK YOU SIR!!!!!

  9. God's son. on said:

    Overwhelming and evocative,I really appreciate,thank you sir.may God double your blessings and reduce your stress.AMEN!!!!……

  10. Anonymous on said:


  11. Da ni elle on said:

    I really enjoyed it. Tnxz

  12. isaac alamu femi on said:

    i love this

  13. isaac alamu on said:

    it’s helpful

  14. Oluwa Seun on said:

    I love it
    Thanks a lot sir
    It really helps me

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