How To Create A Profile On Jamb CAPS Portal To Accept Admission — 179 Comments

  1. vicky on said:

    Please on jamb caps website is the username your email address

    • Adonne Heineken on said:

      I have been given admission in my school which is unical but when I checked on jamb portal it keeps showing not admitted yet what does that mean? Pls I need a raply…!

  2. Bashir abdulhadi on said:

    I try to open my caps am seeing
    WELCOME only please tell me the solution

  3. Oladimeji sherif on said:

    I’ve been trying to access the caps portal with my email bit in just kept saying invalid login credentials
    Pls what should I do
    Pls reply asap

    • Anonymous on said:

      Me too o

      • Anonymous on said:

        Myself too…So frustrating

  4. bukola on said:

    Pls help me o lasu has offered me admission but I checked on jamb caps to accept it says not admitted. Pls what can I do

  5. princess on said:

    my jamb caps is showing not admitted yet what should i fi

  6. Tundelism on said:

    I’m ask to upload my o level result on jamb caps, please how do I do that?

    • Deborah on said:

      Hw doing upload my olevel result on jamb caps

  7. anonymous on said:

    i hav been given admission but my caps still writes not admission nd i hav already uploaded my weac,what is de cause

  8. Anonymous on said:

    pls my caps is still showing last year jamb registration number…and I tried to change it is not changing… pls what can I do

  9. daniel on said:

    pls my caps is showing my last year registration number after changing it to 2018 utme …and I sat for 2018 I don’t know why my caps is still showing 2017 registration number

    • Eee on said:

      Me too exactly the same issue

  10. Lois on said:

    I tried to login on jamb caps wit my email address and says invalid login credentials,what do i do

    • PRAYZ on said:

      Sign in to your account using gmail or yahoo normally and not through jamb caps. Check your inbox for your messages precisely [email protected] sent to you about the time you registered for jamb. It contains your names,phone no.,PASSWORD(this is the password for your jamb caps,email remains same).

      • Bethel on said:

        I did not see any password in my email

  11. mike on said:

    if I type my email adress and password through jmab caps it will be showing “invalid credentials”
    then if I go through my jamb profile it will show “welcome ‘” plz reply asap thanks

  12. Lydian on said:

    Mine is nt showing me anything, wat should ido

  13. Anonymous on said:

    Please, mine has been showing me invalid credentials. What do I do?

    • jige viktoh on said:

      same here bro

  14. Ekemini on said:

    my caps is still showing ‘Not Admitted’what can I do because my dept./faculty student’s have accepted theirs. Thank you!

    • Anonymous on said:

      what username and password did you use

  15. Nwachukwu Michael on said:

    My profile is not opening, telling me invalid email and passport when I am very sure of my email and passport. What’s happening jamb

  16. Abraham on said:

    how did it go,did der finally upload it

  17. samitex on said:

    I have been offered admission but my caps is still showing not admitted yet,can I proceed for acceptance fee

  18. Samuel on said:

    Good day, pls I’ve been trying to access jamb caps with my email address which i used in registering my jamb 2018 and it keeps showing me invalid email address or password. Pls whys that?????

  19. Kevwe atenaga on said:

    Mine keeps showing invalid credentials in the jamb caps portal. Wat can I do pls??

    • Kalys on said:

      Me too ooo pls what is the way out

  20. Anonymous on said:

    Please which pin am i going to use?

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