3 Reasons to Do Jamb Change Of Course Or Institution 2020 — 424 Comments

  1. Anonymous on said:

    I change my course and it shows on jamb form that it is done but as not take effect in the screening site I want to use it for please what can I do

  2. Victory on said:

    It is only showing 2018 and below please help. How do i change to 2019 and when is it ending.

  3. Anonymous on said:

    is,jamb change of institution out

    • Mohammed adam Mohammed on said:

      change my choice to first

  4. Rita on said:

    Why is it still showing 2018 instead of 2019 pls

  5. Virustech on said:

    Don’t know why guys keep posting wrong information 2019 change of course and institutions is not yet enabled

    • Anonymous on said:


  6. Ammar Hussain Musa on said:


  7. Tersugh iorwuese on said:

    I am still yet did my Own and do not know the date that are starting it.

  8. Equation on said:

    Why is it still showing me 2018 correction of data instead of 2019

    • Victory on said:

      I just did mine,go to your side bar or home you will see 2019 registration just click on it then you will 2019 correction of data

      • echezona ude on said:

        I paid the money in the bank but it is still telling me to make payment. when I have only paid the money in the bank

  9. Monday on said:

    Is jamb data correction ongoing?

  10. Anonymous on said:

    Please, when is it expiring?

    • Tajudeen Abdulwasiu on said:

      Pls how much you did it?

  11. John on said:

    Please, i did the change of institution but they seized light i was unable to print… how do i reprint.

  12. Anonymous on said:

    I have done my change of institution can i do it again

  13. anonymous on said:

    for those that are unable to change course, I think it’s of two batch you just do have to wait till they open for the next batch that is around June 15 or so sha

  14. Helen on said:

    Please why is it saying “you can no change to this institution”

  15. samuel on said:

    i made payment already, but the change of institution is not going through

  16. Fresh on said:

    Posting with screenshot will really helpful

  17. Olu Chris on said:

    please when will it end?

    • Anonymous on said:

      when every school start admission

  18. tomiano on said:

    I click on change of institution but its not going

  19. Ikalaso on said:

    The log in through email isn’t working so I can change institutiin

  20. OCHUI CLIFFORD on said:

    pls someone should help out, when will jamb utme 2019/2020 change of course will start

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