Jamb Economics Online CBT Quiz (2021 Prep) — 48 Comments

  1. tahir kabir on said:

    this is really nice

  2. Anonymous on said:

    Wow thank u very much u made me go back to my note

  3. principal on said:

    beautiful nice one

  4. Alex zorben on said:

    I really appreciate this

  5. gift on said:

    I like this it helps to know your ability. thank u sir

  6. Fav on said:

    This is great and awesome thanks so much for your concern

  7. preeminent on said:


  8. abdulladeefbjabbo on said:

    i love this.

  9. Onyeka on said:

    I need a answer to my question

  10. Ezekwesiri lilian chizaram on said:

    Am really enjoying this quiz, pls add the most repeted questions

      • R.I Davies on said:

        I have just one complaint, it says in your quiz that “double coincidence of wants” was the greatest disadvantages. I disagree, it is well stated in ANY economic platform, books or source of information that “divisibility” was the main disadvantage of the barter system. Thank you.

  11. ezekwesiri lilian c on said:

    thanks for the quiz it really made me go back to my notes to remember some things

  12. Queenie Khan on said:

    Great job sir

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