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JAMB Results For Those Who Wrote On Tuesday 17 (Day 3) — 43 Comments

  1. Anonymous on said:

    I wrote on 9th am still yet to see my result.

  2. Judith on said:

    Sir, pls most of us are running out of patient, becox we haven’t seen our result. When shud we be expecting the released of our result. Thank u

  3. ifeoma on said:

    Pls i wrote my jamb March 10th and I checked my results and it says that my results is no out what should I do?

  4. Fatima Qasim Abubakar on said:

    Please sir, when I check my jamb result is saying that I have no any resul yet i really need ur help sir

  5. Lordcruiz on said:

    Hmmm! I just hope another snake or any other animal has not swallowed my result. JAMB said after 3 days results will be released, but it’s more than 3 days now, yet most results have not been released.

  6. usang goodness on said:

    pls sir i ve tried checking my bt its showing that i dnt ve any result yet wots wrong?

  7. usang goodness on said:

    pls sir i tried but its showing me that i dnt ve any result yet.wots going

  8. olamilekan on said:

    when are we seeing our for march 10 2018 because none of us who did on 10th at 1 30 have not see they resuit.

  9. Anonymous on said:

    I took my exam on 10th but no result yet out,
    what else should I do?

  10. Blessing obose on said:

    Almighty God into hands we commit all our result from those that started and end it.sir our results is not yet out. We try checking and getting same reply, no result yet. Sir was is happening we are scared we pray nothing happened to our results.

  11. Anonymous on said:

    I tried checking my results but is not even going at all, I write it on 10th of March 2018 please what should I do

  12. Akintujoye christianah on said:

    Pls sir l wrote my exam on march 10 an am trying to check out but l don’t find any result saying l don’t register for this exam

  13. Anonymous on said:

    mine isn’t showing I wrote on 10

  14. njoku grace on said:

    pls sir,i tried checking my result what i saw was,your result is not out yet,i wrote on the 10th of march,1:30pm.pls sir,help me

  15. Frank Adumeta on said:

    I wrote on the 10 of March showing that you do not have any result yet please confirm sir

  16. Godfrey on said:

    my result couldn’t display, I wrote on the 10th, Saturday, what else will I do?

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