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SSCE Series Pt. 21: How To Prepare And Pass Waec 2021 — 206 Comments

  1. Obiora Amandi Geoffrey on said:

    Am grateful to God Almighty and this my beloved one Issac

  2. Anonymous on said:

    The almighty God we service will make all wassce candidate 2018 To come out in flying colour we will all see our result and give God the Glory

    • Abiodun Oluwatosin on said:

      Amen o

  3. David Osei on said:

    2018, may God help me us to remember whatever we learnt.wen we sit behind the paper.AMEN

  4. Abdulqudus on said:

    inshallah I will pass my waec and neco examination, (amin)

  5. SHEDRACK O GODIYA on said:


  6. Anonymous on said:

    Thanks very much for wonderfully encorageing and please l want to ask what if the person don’t know how to write and read properly and he or she want to pass wace is the person going to pass

  7. Emilia wogunka on said:

    my pastor has proclaim this year,the year of the SUPERNATURAL
    so be it. I will make my exams Supernaturally. Amen

  8. lawal halimat on said:

    May god almighty let me pass my external examination

  9. Anonymous on said:

    may God help us

  10. Dauda kankemwa on said:

    the bible says,seek first de kingdom of heaven and all other tings shall be added unto u.As we put God first ,He will make a way where it seem to be no way.With Jesus everyting is possible ,just take it as promotion exam to university.

  11. Ayomide Festus on said:

    may God Almighty let me pass my external examination

  12. chinwenmeri on said:

    above all he is de king of kings de lord of lord he dat make a way ware their is no way he dat opennet doors dat no one can close I trust him (God) because he can never fail his children.
    actually im a candidate of 2018 session i orunwamba chinwenmeri will take I and friends we all dat will seat next yr waec shall hv a good result Amen.

  13. Ibrahim Sheriff on said:

    may almighty allah count us among those that recieve good news on their result.ameen

  14. IME NKENTA on said:


  15. Emmanuel Abanfo on said:

    May the good Lord help as to pass our examination successfully in Jesus name.Amen

    • Oyinwola Saheed Adisa on said:

      may God almight Allah let us pass both waec &neco.(amen)

  16. olabode oyinkansola on said:

    I pray God help us through out the exam

  17. ojo benjamen on said:

    May GOD help us to been in success

  18. Narkey sylvester on said:

    May God bless us and make pass as pass our exam in Jesus name

  19. Abdulliadi abdulbaki on said:

    May god bless us amd have agood result in our exam

  20. jimmy on said:

    marking should be done without rush

    • n s yakubu on said:

      yea.u are absolutely right

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