How To Upload Waec And Neco Awaiting Results To Jamb Portal — 556 Comments

  1. i registered today but I did not upload my result I used awaiting but I have my result with me can I still upload tommorow

  2. I uploaded my waec result but the made mistake in my exam year by putting 2019 instead of was corrected yesterday but it still showing me 2019 instead of 2016.

    Please what should I do?

  3. please help me..
    I uploaded my o level results since last month but is still showing me awaiting results..
    what can I do now?

  4. Pls,i did change of institution some days ago but now i was told to upload my ssce result to jamb portal when i didn’t use awaiting result hw is dat possible?

  5. pls I uploaded my results but instead of external u dear the exam type I mistakenly put internal,pls should I re upload it

  6. pls i uploaded my results not too long, when i checked d portal its still showing awaiting results… what to do?

  7. Pls I uploaded my o level result during my jamb registration, am I to upload it again or it’s only those that use awaiting result are to do so…. Pls I need an answer to this before 30th of august…🙏🙏🙏

  8. Please I need a reply, it’s urgent
    I uploaded my result during jamb registration. I also checked my profile today ND I saw my waec result , my subject ND grade, but my seat number was empty…
    Pls Do I still need to go ND upload…
    Pls ur reply is needed

  9. Oh help me I don’t know before that change of causes will cancelled before the waec result will come out, and also I won’t to use awatting result

    • When you heard neco result is out go and printed your score then go to CBT center they will upload your olevel result thanks

      • We that we used awaitng results are unable to upload Our results on unilorin portal pls any help for us

  10. Please i wrote my waec in the year 2016 and during the jamb registration i haven’t upload my o’level result, please if i upload it now would there be any problem of impossibility or it’s acceptable ? I need clearification .

    • Uploading olevel result is not for every one ooo is for those that meet up with cut of marks both in jamb and post utme waiting for admission

  11. please I’m writing my GCE around September 2019 my results will be out December 2019, can I still upload it at that time and still gain admission probably by January 2020?

  12. I made mistake in my e mail address while creating my profile online and i can’t remember d password i used. Pls will it affect me bcs i want 2 do a change of institution

  13. Please, am a DE students I collected the form with awaiting result and have uploaded the ND statement of result but the thing remains as awaiting result… Am I save

  14. During the 2018 DE registration I choose Unilag as my first choice and Tasued as my second choice now Tasued as offered me admission but on my caps Unilag was still showing and have completed all my registration in Tasued but my caps as not changed still waiting for the caps to change the institution and the course so I can be able to print my admission letter

  15. Plz jamb I went to Cape to my admission letter the information I got in the web site my admission is in progress, I have made the payment of my acceptance fee, and lecture have commcement am here waiting for jamb to lease my admission letter for me to pay school fee, plz am waiting for this opportunity for over a decade

  16. I upload my neco result at the approved CBT center and they show me there me that my result was successful uploaded but I check my documents on iamb and it did not show pls I need ur help

  17. Please I am a DE student and I heard we are to REUPLOAD our document to jamb portal. Pls is it everybody because I did mine during the registration process already

  18. Please I am a DE student and I heard we are to REUPLOAD our document to jamb portal. Pls is it everybody because I did mine during the registration process already

  19. pls I have been admitted on jamb caps do I still need to upload my result????I didn’t use awaiting though…pls answer ASAP

  20. I did not upload my neco result during the period of the registration but fortunately all is being process but how do I upload it now because I think its important for us to do

  21. Plz sumone shuld advice me bcz my jamb portal is nt opening if pt my usernem wit password it show incorrect usernem or password so ah dnt knw wat to do nw

    • If u can get in touch wit whoever did the jamb reg for u,ask him or her the password used.
      Because the password to log into jamb profile is usually different frm ur normal email password(wic is usually ur number)

      mean while try logging in with the default password 123456. Ensure ur email is correct

      • or rather try using ur first name or last name..thats wah the cbt operator logicaly use sometimes as a candidate password

  22. i upload it during my jamb reg and again i upload it during utme reg am i need to upload it again?

    • Pls I uploaded my o level result during my jamb registration, am I to upload it again or it’s only those that use awaiting result are to do so…. Pls I need an answer to this before 30tj of august…. 🙏🙏🙏

  23. I uploaded mine (O’level result)during the 2018 utme registration.
    Do I still need to upload it again?… Pls it’s urgent
    Thank you.

  24. The various means prescribed by jamb for candidates are only meant to add extra stress to students and parents.Uploading results of O’level should not be complicated as jamb has made it appear.They go round and round a simple process.What value do these processes add to the entire system? Apply the KISS principle – keep it simple,stupid.

  25. You said you were going to put us through on how to upload results , only for you to direct us to so called “accredited CBT centers”. If you don’t know the procedure simply say it. We all know that cbt centres exist. Get over your Nigerian self “I WILL TEACH YOU HOW TO UPLOAD THE RESULT RIGHT HERE”……like you really know what you are doing. Pathetic!!

    • what did u expect…….he only wanted people to come view his page so he could get paid…… Dey dont really care about us……. Its just d money they’re after…….. Nd here he is….saying he created d website due to his passion 4 students

  26. cause kogi state university are sending msg to their aspirants now, my stomach of the aspirants got the message why few didn’t, is there any problem for those that didn’t get.

  27. pls is dier need for me to upload my o.level result again bcos I already uploaded it.while I was using awaiting

  28. Please sir
    I upload mine during my utme registration on September 16th
    And my school didn’t write post utme the did screening
    Sir should I upload mine again

  29. Pls i just uploaded my waec today but my University of choice have released their first batch admission in Caps……pls was i late in uploading and would i still be guaranteed admission

  30. Pls i just uploaded my waec today and my University of choice have released first batch in Caps……was i too late in uploading

  31. I re-uploaded at a accredited but centre but he opened it through my jamb reg num and it was successful but I can’t see anything like waec result on my jamb profile or portal
    Please explain

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