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Your Mathematics Online CBT Practice Quiz — 63 Comments

  1. Please I need help ,I failed my waec result last year but now I want to do Gce but m scared to do this exam and I don’t want to fail.please help me out.

  2. I don’t know mathematics and I just registered weac gce, and would be taking mathematics by end of January or so. Please guide me on how to study for two weeks to be able to pass mathematics.

  3. sir I need the waec 2019 examination date and the government questions and answers for 2019 and also the timetable for 2019 please sir .

  4. It Very Interesting But I Want To Do Waec And I Will Be Facing Some Subject That I Dont Understand Like Chemistry Maths English How can You Help Me

  5. I want to study law in university and I am facing my 2019 waec exams but I am not good in my subjects I want to learn the main focus of waec questions who will help me

  6. pls sir am so glad i came across the website pls teach how to pass this subject maths is not my problem but english is and this following ones;history,civic,economics,crs,lit in english, but if am asked to answer any question in class most of the time i get the answer correct but am not sure of my exams now pls help me
    thank u sir

  7. Am a science student I perform in all subjects except elective math and his brother core math.
    My problem is that whenever I am being thought I could understand to the extent that I could teach my mates but when an exam is set forth there will I be shivering till my failure please help me. Thank you

  8. Plz I want to past match, English, account, economic and commerce in my wace GCE. Plz may god bless you

  9. wow this will be a good place to learn how to answer questions faster and improve. thanks. I advice u increase the number of questions

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