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  1. Fortunate Ebah on said:

    Nengi Companies has 3 branches in P.H, bonny and Lagos. She sales different types of fish and hair.
    The monthly sales for the above items for two different month are given in the table below.
    January February
    Fish Fish Fish Hair
    PH 12 15 PH 2 6
    Bonny 30 8 Bonny 18 20
    Lagos 5 10 Lagos 9 6

    i. Represent the above information in matrix. Form using J and F for January and
    February sales respectively

    ii. Find the total sales for both month relatively to their branches
    iii. Find the change in sales of each product.

    b. If the company’s price (1000) for fish and hair is shown in the table below
    items fish Hair
    Price (N’000) 4 7

    How much revenue is generated from each branch for two months using matrix approach

    R = PQ
    What is the solving or solution on this question?

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