15 Hot Cake Courses To Study In Nigeria Universities — 48 Comments

  1. Do someone still need to study entreneuership in the school? It is better to be practiced on the field than learning in class. Thanks so much for this list.

  2. thank U for this update. pls if I want to study Accounting, which subjects are d best for me to chose in my Jamb form? thanks

  3. How can one switch form OTM(office Technology and Management) in Poly to Economics….and i hate accounting with passion…..plz what can i do

  4. Between accounting, economic and finance, which course is best for me to study? Note that i have ND and HND both in accounting

  5. Please, i am confused. International Relations and diplomacy and industrial relations and human resources management, which one is better to study in terms of job opportunities after graduation.

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