Jamb 2018 Exam Date And Everything You Need To Know Right Now — 362 Comments

  1. please which course can I study I have
    maths English civic Crs and government please it’s urgent 4 me I don’t have anybody 2 coach me. pls

  2. Pls sir i register jamb yaday, and da give me this codo 55019 to tx my surname and first name and middie name and tx all my names and i do not see nne tx oo .pls sir help me : my is Abesla Emmanuel Manga , pls i need a Reply

  3. pls help me which university is really nice for studying nursing n midwifery i was given a choice at university of port Harcourt choba

  4. Pls bro Isaac pls i need ur very help concerning this jamb….i dont actually know when it will be out pls this is my number notify me when the form is out


  6. hello!please I missed my schedule(the date of my exams)and I really want to write it this year…can jamb help me out or that’s it…I’ve missed it till next year?

  7. and I went to a jamb accredited center but they said that they are only printing out the slip, if I have not gotten the email yet there is nothing they can do about it

  8. Mr. Isacc, you no doubt has some useful information to the our student. but guide lines on how to reprint examination slip to know the date an time for the exams is not the way you sound. the bold reprint box at the right hand side in my profile can not be found.please more help.

    • This post was originally written about one month ago, I recently updated it when Jamb changed their reprinting method.

      This made me include checking of email in the post. A new update now is that you can get your exam date by going to any accredited cbt Centre around.

  9. they announced it yesterday that jamg is coming up this friday 12th of may but here am still seeing 13

  10. some candidate is going to write jamb on Saturday while some on Monday , Tuesday Wednesday .
    just keep on checking your mail to know your exam date and center name . my own is Saturday by .6.00 agoiwoye .love you all

  11. pls when will they send the date for the exam……I haven’t gotten any message on my gmail account…. is there another way we can check pls

  12. U’re a darling for work well done. God bless and support u mightily. Av been trying to check my profile all night but not coming up and no e-mails has come in from jamb up till now. Pls what do u think could be d cause? Had from news dat d date has been shifted to Friday dats less Dan 4days to go. Pls reply ASAP

  13. sir please,i just checked my email and i didnt see the center nor any message from jamb….please what do i do???or is there another method to check it

  14. It is the 7th of may and jamb has not sent my location and centre and this exam is meant to be held on the 13th of may.

  15. why is it that the centers has not been release up till now? Jamb should at least work on that so all candidate will get to know where they are going to write their exam!!!!!

  16. I have not received date for my exam yet, what is holding jamb for not sending it till now and exam is starting on 13, when is it going to be

  17. Jamb did not make the novel and CD available for all the students
    and yet they made it compulsory, this is too bad

  18. Please Isaac i scored f9 in Economics in my Weac but I scored A1 in marketing also in my Weac and apply marketing in unizik please will I be consider

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