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Check Jamb Caps Market For Second Choice Admission — 86 Comments

  1. joshua gladys on said:

    My market place is not showing any result please help me

    • ifeyinwa on said:

      ifeyinwa reg no is 95360614GE 1 have 165 and 240 in plume help me in school to accept me.

  2. Anonymous on said:

    Pls does accepting to be considered for admission on the jamb market place ???

  3. Amarachi on said:

    My market place is showing no return of data. Please way can i do

  4. Vivi on said:

    My institution has giving me admission bt jamb is still telling me not yet admitted.what might has gone wrong

  5. Anonymous on said:

    My institution has giving me admission but jamb is still showing not yer

  6. Tesimi on said:

    Sir accepting a market place choice, does it automatically rule your previous choice of institution from offering you admission. please i need your support on this

  7. John on said:

    I can accept that my market place admission on caps it’s like thy have not but the name of the school, what wil I do

  8. precious on said:

    I have taken all the steps,including setting my phone on desktop view but marketplace is not coming up on my phone what should I do sir?

  9. Thomas, Nsemeke Okon on said:

    pls sir I have 161 in jamb help find out the school that can acept me..

  10. Tobi on said:

    How do I get to market place Sir

    • nil on said:

      Please I went to market place and a school want to consider me for admission but I neither accepted or rejected the offer…will this delay and first choice from granting me admission???? Please I need urgent answer…thanks.

  11. Juliet John on said:

    If you have been offered admission on jamb marketplace….dose that mean your choice of instituon will not give you admission????

  12. Omolola on said:

    Please my market place is showing no data return,what does that mean

  13. Omolola on said:

    Please how will I continue checking after login in to my email account (market place)

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