Check Jamb Caps Market For Second Choice Admission — 86 Comments

  1. Sir accepting a market place choice, does it automatically rule your previous choice of institution from offering you admission. please i need your support on this

  2. I can accept that my market place admission on caps it’s like thy have not but the name of the school, what wil I do

  3. I have taken all the steps,including setting my phone on desktop view but marketplace is not coming up on my phone what should I do sir?

    • Please I went to market place and a school want to consider me for admission but I neither accepted or rejected the offer…will this delay and first choice from granting me admission???? Please I need urgent answer…thanks.

  4. If you have been offered admission on jamb marketplace….dose that mean your choice of instituon will not give you admission????

  5. A poly considered me for admission in caps market place..will that make my first choice institution not to give me admission…

  6. During my registration I put one higher University first choice, but now they have offered me admission which Elohim told them to do so,but I letter changed due to my deniable Mark after their Post UTME,so in this case will jamb offered me admission to their market place?

  7. Pls I tried to check cap with my email account and password, but it continues showing me invalid login credentials…… Pls I need help

  8. Please i need a help i saw abia poly has consindered me for admission so the ask me to accept or reject so what will i do i like the school

  9. Please I nid a quick reply I check d jamb market place I saw no data returned wat should I do wat does dat mean please

  10. I did not see any institution all I see is “no data return ” what should I do to view other institutions that wants to consider me for admission..

  11. pls sir all have been seeing on market place is dat it’s telling me have been considered but nt showing the schools

  12. Please sir I have been seeing no admission has been given yet on my jamb profile and submitted on my uniben kofa .what does that mean.

  13. I got 56 in my aggregate for political science,please o av been admittted on jamb caps but still showing submitted on Uniben kofa,any hope for me

  14. I’ve been seeing submitted on my kofa page but jamb hasn’t given me admission yet…. Pls what does it mean??

  15. please i wrote jamb 2016 and jamb offered me admission to my ist choice but rather went for my 2nd choice…and later did change of admission letter/institution to my new school after paying #10,000 but it yet to be changed…..please help what will i do??

  16. I scored 49% in the last uniben utme. What can I do now. Can I still be considered by another school in jamb market place? Kindly help me. I applied to study ISD.

    • Exactly the kind of question that got me worried too cause I’ve been offered admission on my jamb market place

  17. Please if i accept an admission from the market place does that mean i cant be given any other chioce of admission like other school

  18. Pls my admission status stated not admitted yet and I wasn’t considered for any school on the Market place,pls am I safe?

  19. my jamb caps show admission in progress check back later and i was offered chemistry what does it mean

  20. Please if you are been considered for admission in the market place by another school…… Does day mean your school of choice has rejected you

  21. please i have being consider in marketplace and i like one of the school which i also accepted the school will i go to purchase the admission form plase i need advice

  22. me too, i accepted mine and have paid for the admission letter since 9th and when i want to print it, it showing me no data found for the supplied reg number, when i checked the marketplace i saw the following institutions have consider u for admission but no institutions no accept or reject

  23. Pls I have been offered admission on caps and I accepted,but when I checked marketplace,i saw”u ar being considered by d gd schools”,pls wat is happening,am very scared ryt now.pls I need ans

  24. If i didn’t accept will there display other institution i didn’t choose because I don’t know how to accept the offer

  25. You talked about marketplace, what if other university consider you for admission, and you accepted it. Is there any possibility that your first choice of institution will still admit/consider you for admission?

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