How To Check Caps MarketPlace Whether Other Schools Have Considered You For Admission — 35 Comments

  1. Please if i accept an admission from the market place does that mean i cant be given any other chioce of admission like other school

  2. Please if you are been considered for admission in the market place by another school…… Does day mean your school of choice has rejected you

  3. please i have being consider in marketplace and i like one of the school which i also accepted the school will i go to purchase the admission form plase i need advice

  4. me too, i accepted mine and have paid for the admission letter since 9th and when i want to print it, it showing me no data found for the supplied reg number, when i checked the marketplace i saw the following institutions have consider u for admission but no institutions no accept or reject

  5. Pls I have been offered admission on caps and I accepted,but when I checked marketplace,i saw”u ar being considered by d gd schools”,pls wat is happening,am very scared ryt now.pls I need ans

  6. If i didn’t accept will there display other institution i didn’t choose because I don’t know how to accept the offer

  7. You talked about marketplace, what if other university consider you for admission, and you accepted it. Is there any possibility that your first choice of institution will still admit/consider you for admission?

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