How To Answer Exam Questions With The Speed Of Light — 97 Comments

  1. thank so much is god dad will contineous blessing u.and am really glad,nothing 2give 2does whom are applicable 2do gd 2the people,

  2. I am just a 14 years old girl preparing this term for my waec,and as I read this note of speed of light…. It help me so much.
    Sir fhank you and may God Almigty bless you.

  3. Yo yo flash it seems you are really from the future by giving me this speed motivational talk, eobard thawn

  4. I have jst been encouraged again….thanks a whole lot…i pray it works out for my good….And may God give u more knowldlege….

  5. at a point when answering question when practicing CBT for jamb I answer it patiently at the end of it I get fair result

  6. thanks for lettin me know that i can make,it because there is a giant in me that takes only possibility for an answer…Thanks alot! !!!

  7. Please please Sir can you create another group, since the one you opened is filled so I and others that are interested in joining can access it thanks.

  8. plz sir i want to follow for this group but i don’t know hw to locate and i need help for u b/c people i saying that i wl not jamb but by the help of God not thing is possible to him .sir i need success though i came for poor family but “.

  9. Thank you so much I just visited your site today cause I’m preparing to write waec next year but please does anyone know the real exam date of waec cause everyone are just calling different dates please help me. Thank u

  10. You are to study very very hard by reading you chosen subject and browsing to internet and ask for pass question it will help you ok

  11. Actaully i wrote my jamb exam today, and i face alot of problem like dat of my computer usually swift of while i have not finish my exam, de time remain 50 minute and staff said dey have notin to do abt it

  12. Flash! am an Intern, and i barely have time to study seeing that i close late and my residence is kinda far, how do i cope? i have the urge to study, in fact i do some online CBT test but am not satisfied with it….and now i don’t even know when the exam would be fixed. Please am not sure i can wake up at night seeing that its the only time i have for rest

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