How To Remember 90% Of Everything You Learn — 124 Comments

  1. Rahmatu Ahmed on said:

    thank u so very much sir may the lord bless u.

  2. Michael on said:

    Thank you very much sir this help me alot

  3. Olakitan oluwaseyi oluwasegun on said:

    Am really grateful about your platform sir ,and god will put more strength to your vein in Jesus name.

    • Michael on said:

      Amen ijn

  4. Wada Joshua on said:

    THanks sir
    Great ideal

  5. Demian on said:

    Thanks for your advice

  6. Abigail on said:

    Thanks a lot,it really works

  7. Hope on said:

    Thanks. It is realy helpful.

  8. John peter on said:

    Thanks very much all are correct

  9. Anonymous on said:


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