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  1. Sir am writing my exams these year waec,neco nd jamb and am science student nd am having problem in physics,chemistry and mathematics i don’t know it at all nd also i don’t av the habit of reading pls sir help me out am even scared on how 2 do my jamb.

  2. I give some definitions which are basically and plainly correct, but still the teachers mark me wrong. I am confused why ?

  3. gud day sir i’m about to write waec but i hav not been studing all dis while but i want to start now and study is it to late? how will i start? because i dnt want to do runs pls help me

  4. Pls sir,anything about caculation,i dont kw it ,i dont kw what to do,nd i choose physics in jamb subject,pls i need help orgently

  5. I found it difficult to read and understand,pls sir what can i do to understand and even improve myself?

  6. I find it difficult to read in the night…anytime o planned to read in the night after 20mins I found my self sleeping . sir what can I do?

  7. I’m really confused. I really wish to have good grades in my waec and I’ve been a little determined. But I feel the time left till waec is so short.I’ve not finish solving past questions. I can’t even boldly say I’ve finish at least 5 years in each subject. And I really wish to finish the past questions from the beginning to the end.I feel time is an arc enemy to me right now.please what do I do.

  8. Please sir I don’t want to use anybody’s help for my wassce but I keep getting scared day by day

  9. Pls Sir I always busy with my phone but not serious with my study’s…….. Please help me what shd I do 2 stop it

  10. please sir i desperately need to pass JAMB but find it difficult to read for hours.But i can watch movies and read story books for hours.Please sir what should i do?

  11. i always feel tired when am having Maths but this does not happen during Government class or any other class.please help me sir

  12. I have hard time in studying because I always get to my phone and laptop so am going down in academics so how can I raise up and put this wassec

  13. I didn’t pass my jamb last year so I sat for another jamb this year but unfortunately for me I still didn’t pass and I’m about to write waec again this year
    I need help
    I studied hard but I don’t understand how I still didn’t pass
    I want to improve

  14. Point of correction sir. JAMB gave room or JAMB gives room? The formal contains some gramatical erors while the later is undoubtedly correct, as the the said JAMB is an organised body which had been existing for so long and would as well continue to exist in the future time. Therefore, this means that all the activities of the JAMB body is habitual which must be expressed in the Present Tense. I remain loyal to you, sir.

  15. hello sir, i am doing a science course ( biochemistry) because my dream course, which is performing arts has no job market in my country. i want to have a settled job, then, i can pursue my dreams. will i be able to pass a course i am not passionate about?

  16. sir whenever am reading, at first i will b enjoying it. but after about 40_50mins, I will start to feel dizzy. but I can watch TV for even 5hours without getting tired or I can operate my laptop or my phone for more than 3hours, sir pls I need ur help because I really want to read and pass because I wrote jamb last year and I just couldn’t make it. pls sir I beg u

  17. I really don’t like mathematics but I want to pass it for WAEC so I can get into a University abroad but battling to pass it is making my English drop what should I do?

  18. I wrote my waec last year but I failed my three consecutive (science)subject and am to rewrite it this year going for another department(commercial) and am left with two months to write my jamb and I have not covered much of the syllabus I don’t know what to do

  19. i want retake my WAEC And NECO on 2018 But i find it difficult to study and,read and focus.But deep inside my heart i really want to forder my education.

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  20. during my jamb registration i was asked for the subjects i registered in waec. i had told them but unfortunately i later realized that some of those subjects were different than the ones i was going to write for waec because someone else had registered for me and what i told them to register was quite different from what they registered. i want to ask if this changing of subjects will affect my registration or admission and if so, what can i do to solve it.

  21. please I dnt see their text and the day already came today 23, please may I go or I stay till notify me?
    I choosed Kano.

  22. i just don’t love mathematics and I partially love chemistry, I don’t know why,I just feel tired,dizzy,annoyed and awkward whenever the teachers are in class

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