8 Powerful Ways To Understand Difficult Courses — 79 Comments


    Good evening and thankyou for everything, i have learn more than enough thank you, But i still don’t understand the difficult subject part because CHEMISTRY has been my difficult subject so far but i came to realised that i need it most been a NURSING SCIENCE and i have try to understand the subject but i till fail, i may understand went the teacher is teaching it but when it come to EXAMINATION i don’t known how to go about it or how to answer it. PLEASE HELP. Am Writing my JAMB these month PLEASE HELP A SISTER IN NEED.

  2. ibam chucks on said:

    i have learnt a good thinks thanks

  3. Chelsea Ella on said:

    How do you understand a subject you don’t find interesting when it is a must course

    • You need to start falling in love with it from mindset, associating with those who are good at it and with constant practice.

  4. Oladipupo Aishah on said:

    How to find all subject interasting

  5. Latifat on said:

    How to face challenges in difficult subjects

  6. Latifat on said:

    How to find all subjects interesting

  7. Anonymous on said:

    How to find every subject interesting

  8. Jennifer Micheal on said:

    How to understand literature in English

  9. Promise on said:

    How do you find your learning curve

  10. Michelle on said:

    How to understand a particular topic

  11. Ojo seyi on said:

    Is it federal bece or lagos state bece

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