12 Stupid Mistakes Uniben students make In their first Year — 22 Comments

  1. I hope new students we will read this and try to apply it’s content in their studies. Thanks Mr Isaac for this beautiful write up.

  2. Okay the one that even made me laugh was the June 12 own there you’ll see souls piling up to buy suya nd meshai till like 1:30AM okay I’m a wise victm but the 13th one I think you should add that bothers me everytime is that ginormous gathering always under those trees in front of hall 2 that still extends beyond the gutters and popcorn et yoghurt stand almost all the time passed there to me is very detrimental to those whose grades are involved cos some cars we don’t know the owners sit there all night well I hope some not so wise 100 level girl do not fall into the honey tunnel of some random boy’s grip in alacrity nor do I wish harm to any soul in bundled groups even when they disturb my peace all I hope is that they get initiatives and think of what country they live in learn its difficulties and know what families they rather want to breed as future responsibility takers

  3. lastly…there are plenty to write but few will stick so I pray you soccer betting fans take care it might not really affect even your entire period in school but remember bad habits are the worst and addiction is a thing so learn early so thou don’t bet your pension to waste… As i pointed earlier plenty is said but few will stick “change is real and happens most times unnoticed so don’t get caught in the wrong shade of change uni is but a part of life not life itself”

    Thank you author for making this great service to mankind i hope it saves a future president from being a deplorable

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