51 Vitamins For New Students in Nigerian — 13 Comments

  1. Favour Anya on said:

    I will always live by this tips

  2. DONDO MOSES on said:

    hmmmm am imspired and i promise to do something about it

  3. ESAN MARY on said:

    I quess you have said it all.If and only if we, the JJCs could follow these steps strictly,I am believing GOD that we shall not settle for the less at the end of our staying in there.MORE KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOW TO YOU SIR

  4. Blossom Oton on said:

    Wow, you’ve really been an inspiration to me. I’ve read some of your articles and I’ve promised myself not only will I have them in my brain, I’ll make sure I pratice them as I begin my 100 level in uniben. Thanks a lot Sir, God bless you abundantly and give you more of his wisdom. Please also if you wouldn’t mind,I think one thing you miss out in the few articles I’ve read is God. No one can be a true successful person without His assistance. I’ll be most grateful Sir if that is included as the first on the list. Thanks a lot Sir once again.

  5. Gbiloko OKiemute Miracle on said:

    Thanks alot Sir this article is greatly inspiring not only that i am determined on putting these vitamins to practice

  6. jane on said:

    oooommmmmgggggg!!!!! for real u are an inspiration to me and i luv this article sssssssooooooo much, thank u so much, pls don’t forget more updates about uniben

  7. Ayomide on said:

    you are blessed

  8. Linus oziegbe on said:

    Great man thanks alot,
    brother isaac you really inspired me every moment, much love for you bro.
    Continue God is your strienght.

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