Your Ultimate Guide To Gain University Admission — 46 Comments

  1. I got 196 and the departemental cut off mark is 200(computer scince) federal university of technology manna. can they give me admission.

  2. Wow av made it, Thank you very much sir your article av helped me so much, thank you very very much I appreciate alot. Am expecting my admission

  3. With the help of ur blog, at first atempt i was able to get admission into abu to study the course of my choice. I say more grease to ur elbow. I pray to graduate with first class as u remain my mentor.

  4. Thanks a lot for everything you have written in different sections of your blog. You have really helped me and also given me confidence.

  5. Thanks for the advice. Please how do you get to know about the achievement and stains of the universities

  6. Please i have try to check my jamb admission but it is showing me roung emeil or roung password please what is the problem there sir.

  7. wow.. . ….Thank u very much sir,the blog is greatly resourceful,u reduce our stress,more ink to ur pen sir,wot a great job u’ve done………….Thank u sir. …………

  8. Hello nice job.. I’ve got a few questions… Concerning recommend textbooks for jamb 2018 I use explicit biology new school chemistry and physics and a z of jamb use of English.. What do you think??

  9. wow thanks a whole lot for this piece if info, you just save life right now from stress. This blog is very resourceful

  10. Please Isaac i realy lov diz write up, pls dont fail 2 give us the update when the form comes out. Thanks

  11. Jessica:
    This is a very nice write up. I appreciate d writer. thanks so much! ALTHOUGH I got this message late but yet it will help me in future, in higher institution. what was written in this article is d reality. i used to apply some of d points highlighted and they have helped me in so many areas of life concerning my Education. Ones again, thanks so much to d writer!!!

  12. The nation needs more of your kind. What about a situation where there no one to teach or study with, what should be the best method to apply? God bless.

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