10 Reasons You May Fail Jamb 2021 And Solution — 171 Comments

  1. Pls I need help.Have been writing Jamb since 2015 and my highest score is 192.This is my 5th Jamb.Am tired despite all of readings.i sometimes feel I should kill myself when I see my junoirs haveing 200 pls

  2. Pls,I need your help ,am having 8mins remaining to submit yet the system loggout without I submitting am confuse and dont know what to do

  3. , I just pray that God should assist all the jambites in 2020 jamb because if God is not by our side then we are writing jamb in vain.

  4. I’m sure I have fail this jamb exam instead of me to click on ‘s’ to submit I clicked on end exam……. Please just let me know if I have clicked on the wrong button

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