Jamb Series Part 2: Who Isn’t Intelligent Can Pass Jamb — 50 Comments

  1. Nwosa paschal on said:

    Am study economic .Sir is this
    Subject good of it .
    English . Mathematics commerce. Economic

  2. Okolo favour on said:

    Am not good in chemistry what can I do

  3. Abubakar on said:

    Pls sir, what are the necessary subjects for business administration

  4. Ayomide on said:

    Sir am an art student did I need mathematics, because am not good at mathematics

  5. Ruth on said:

    Is studying economic in Nigeria ok

  6. Miss precious on said:

    Sir am not too good in govt pls what can i do?

  7. Becca on said:

    Sir plz am not too sound in physics and chemistry wat can I do

  8. Esther opara on said:

    Am not good in chemistry , what can I do

    • Anonymous on said:

      Study the likely Chemistry question and also past question. Be confident

  9. Ade joke on said:

    D only problem I’m having is mathematics sir and wish to have this results ones

  10. Kelvin on said:

    sir I can catch up

  11. Kelvin on said:

    Sir am not sound in maths and the examination is soon. what should I do

  12. Adura pemi on said:

    Sir am not good in math pls sir how will I cope

  13. Omorodion Tessy. on said:

    Please sir I want to study accounting, are these subjects okay, mathematics, English language, economics and commerce or is it mathematics English language, govt and economics.

  14. Olamide on said:

    Sir is this subject OK fr mass communication journalism to be précise

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