How To Study For Long Hours At Night Without Sleeping Off — 23 Comments

  1. i want to thank who ever wrote this blog, ever since i read it and did as it told me to i can read over 5hrs without crashing and this has really helped me in my academic pursuit Thank you very much .

  2. wow!!this is site really encouraging I dont like readin at night but with this its really help me alot

  3. Over the passage of time I’ve fallen in love with studying at night. When I first started I always fall asleep too early, until I got to understand some certain fact with the help of the holy spirit about the han body. I might not be able to give an elaborate explanation of them but I will just go on to list them out.
    1) I drink a lot of water(sometimes than 6liters of water) after each meal and while studying (even when I’m not thirsty).
    2) I eat lots of beans as this is the only food I can afford that contains lots of protein.
    3) Over time I’ve also come to realise that refined sugar and carbonated/sweetened drinks are brain cells killer. They increase the acidity level in your body system and tends to shut down the brain even though you’ve woken up from sleep that lasted for 10hrs.
    4) I try to avoid noisy arena as they tend to slow down my rate of assimilation leading to lost if interest and the next thing that follows thereafter is sleep.
    5) Avoid bad company/evil communication
    6) Have a goal of what you set to achieve.

  4. dis site is really encouraging. I think geting information from motivated students on how they read at night without sleeping also help.

  5. mr issac i always and don’t have sufficient time to read because i work in a cafe and spend about 12h everyday and back home i always occupied with work and jamb is fast approaching plz hel[p me throught

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