How To Prepare For An Important Exam or Interview Overnight — 16 Comments

  1. Omolola Oluwapelumi on said:

    Thank you very much for this articles again. Please Sir, how do I get the NECO Syllabus?

  2. Chike precious on said:

    Wow this is really helpful to me,
    Am invited to write the aptitude test on 14dec and I have being searching for d past questions BT have nt gotten any pls I need ur help in d past question

  3. Okah perpetual chidera on said:

    Golden write up.

  4. ukpen kohol on said:

    i say a big thank you to mr isaac .how can i join the group?

  5. Chioma Albert on said:

    I av children at hand how do I go about dat

  6. precious on said:

    wow I got to start studying and practicing right now, thanks for the information

  7. Jessica ikeh on said:

    Hi i need help my chemistry was the only subject i failed cant i just rewrite thatone must i repeat everytin.its stressful reading all over am really sad

  8. Mary on said:

    I also pray it work for me

  9. MATHEW DAMILOLA on said:

    i’m very happy for the technicque. this is great thing for me tO learn this morning,

  10. von on said:

    Hy Isaac, pls i guess by now u should think i’m the curious type…. shaaa i want to know if i can still be prepared knowing that i go to work come bk late, wen do i have to read…. my house isn’t conducive even at nite

      • Evans on said:

        Thanks so a bright student and have read widely but still scared of maths. How do I overcome this fear. Thanks

        • esthuurrr on said:

          Just face the fear and practise more questions thee confidence just comes on its own. Try it for one good week.

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