How To Remember Everything You Read In The Exam Hall — 112 Comments

  1. Jazaakumu Allahu khaira bro
    May Almighty Allah continued to bestow his mercy upon you bro and grant you success in your life. Thanks you so much.

  2. How can I read and be coming a perfect in 2019 jamb exams because you said earlier that constant practice makes perfect. Please show me keys or way out to scores above 250.

  3. I read but I did not understand pls sir I want you to help me let me find a way &
    how will I become a academic guru
    thanks sir.

  4. Thank you so much sir for posting this wonderful idea. I pray that God will grant you more knowledge in Jesus name.And I also pray that we student that want to this 2019/2020 WAEC I pray that God will grant us knowledge and understanding in Jesus name

  5. Thanks for this page it has helped a lot. Because i am a kind of person I’m which I don’t read for exams because anytime I want to read I sleep off. So I find this page very useful.

  6. This is magnificent,daddy.Now I really believed that I can make it in the 2018 Waec,Neco and Jamb.Thanks alot and thanks a thousand times!

  7. I really thanks u Alost, for the provision of this trick, it really help me in reading my books.
    Some time I may Read well but in exam Hall I will totally not remember anything that have read,
    I believe this will makes me pass my Jamb successful
    thanks Isaac, God Bless you for me and for the people all over the world,especially for we Nigerian.

  8. I nearly lost hope but u’ve encouraged me and
    based on your encouragement I will learn very hard to pass once and for all.

  9. Thanks,this is really helpful,i’m preparing for utme 2018,can you tell me what will help or stand as a mentor?

  10. u made me learn a lot…I will try to put that into practice… perfection is impossible but try is perfect…. but We should always conjunct God in our doings…tanx

  11. Thanks dear. Pls explain more on what you said that we should adrenaline,can we take it as a medicine or use the one in our body.

  12. love it so much,infact you’av change something in me..pls if their is a group in watsapp.. hear is my line +2348143880333
    love you

  13. actually you left something unsaid, though I understood this blog is a nonreligious blog but you can not do away with the Holy Spirit for He plays a long part of you must pass your exam.
    John 14:26 He is always ready to teach and remind you if you invite Him. Don’t hesitate to do so while reading and in the exam hall

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