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10 Reasons Why You Study Hard But Still Score Low — 17 Comments

  1. Cypher on said:

    Should have seen this kind of post earlier,useful.

  2. Juliet ameh on said:

    Thanks sir for your word of inspiration,my problem is i always forget easily what should i do sir

  3. DANIEL on said:

    Nice points indeed.

    But the issue of the village people following students was very funny.

  4. rominiyi taiwo opeyemi on said:

    if am reading i fill like sleeping,,, sir wat we i do

  5. Seymichael on said:

    Actually I tank u for this message and inspiring words. I hav been writing jamb since 2013 yet hav not been admitted so this makes it 6 years of writing jamb but I believe this year is the end of not been admitted, I want to score higher this year and be admitted But with this I will study harder.

  6. Robiah on said:

    thanks alot sir.I do read and i assimilate little after reading,when i see some question,i will just know that i read it but i cant makes me sad

    • Quinn on said:

      Same here.. I’ll be like, “I solved this earlier” but I couldn’t remember.

    • DANIEL on said:

      That might be from one of the external factors.
      u need to pray.

  7. Marshal Dumtura Tonwee on said:

    yes it is helpful but my problem is that each time i want to read i fill distracted and am sitting for jamb this year what should i do

  8. Adeleke Abiola Taofeek on said:

    The article will help students identify why they are performing below expectation. Thanks Isaac.

  9. josephine on said:

    this is so awesome

  10. sultan on said:

    I have seen it thanks alot

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