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If you are a student in any Nigerian University, the word ‘Jarking’ should not be new to you. In fact, Jarking is currently the second most used term in Uniben and many other Nigerian Univeraities; after “who you help”. Still confused? well, jarking is a synonym for reading. Those who jark are refered to as jarkophytes. The truth is that you must jark to survive in any Nigerian University.

In my last post, I expressly analyzed the stupid mistakes  Uniben students make in their first year. There have been several reactions. Although it was copied by many bloggers, at least I was encouraged by the feed-backs. One of the comments that grabbed by attention was the one from Geofavor at Nairaland Uniben admission thread. I quote,

Oh God, I don’t think I’ve read a piece as nice as this from anyother Nigerian student blogger. I’m drooling. grin
This is snazzy and witty. In addition to the top-notch info the article contained, it was elegantly written with wit.
Nice one.

In this article, I will try as much as possible to explain the top 8 jarking styles that pays in any Nigerian University.

Ever wondered why students study for hours yet, you see standard Fs on the result sheet?. The rate at which people study during the day, even at night classes, makes you wonder, ‘where does these Fs come from?’. It can be concluded that, it is not by duration but by soft work.

Now, there are so many jarking styles to adopt in any Nigerian University, but “na these ones dey pay pass”. I will try as much as possible to make it short and simple. Check them out below…

Reading styles that pay in Nigerian University

1. Style of consistency

This style pays a lot. It is your ability to continue study till the exam day. Reading consistently makes the texts part of you. It makes you to answer exam questions without much stress. Another benefit of consistent reading is that, you never forget anything in the exam hall. By all means, avoid scattered reading style. Let your book know your study time-table so as to prepare on your behalf.

2. Alternating approach

This is the style of reading different materials simultaneously. Reading one text for long makes it boring. When the text is boring, your brain doesn’t retain much of the information anymore. If you plan to study for six hours, make sure it is not only one material you are studying. An exception to this is when it is exam period. Trust me, it pays.

3. Cramming style

No reading method pays more than cramming in any Nigerian University. How do you feel when people who don’t really understand the course pass more than you?. In as much as it is good to read and understand, there are courses that you don’t pass in Nigerian Universities if you are not good at cramming. Begin to improve your cramming skill. This is the bitter truth.

4. Using Shortcode

Still remember MR NIGER D? this is what I call shortcode. Break the texts down and create beautiful shortcodes to remember them. Also, you can use your own words (the ones you can rememer) to represent certain things you have read. Abbreviations make life easier. Remember, yesterday’s information cannot help you in today’s reality.

5. Effective use of Adrenaline

This is the good news about examinations. As the exam gets closer, your adrenaline boosts. This implies that, you can easily understand and remember much of what you read at that time. Take the advantage of that to revise all your courses. Trust me, you will not regret it.

6. Using past questions

I call past questions the prophecy of you exam questions. Try as much as possible to always study along with past questions. This will introduce or put you in the exam condition.

7. Using lecture as bet

You have heard or use words like “Mr Jude doesn’t set these kind of questions” or “this question can not come out in the exam”. This is where your ability to program lecturers come in. You have been attending the class therefore, you should be able to get revelation from every line of lecture he drops.

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8. Sincere Analysis

This is where telling yourself the truth comes in. As a Nigerian University student, you don’t need to study continuously without vision or revelation. Always analyze the course you are jarking. Check what you have learnt so far and what you still don’t understand.

Remember, in school, you must jark. Drop your views in the comment box below or start a discussion using the forum.

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