How To Memorise Or Cram A Night Before An Exam — 55 Comments

  1. Oscar Delta on said:

    Thank you so much Sir

  2. Emmanuella Igomu on said:

    thank u so much sir
    i really find it helpfully

  3. Divine emma on said:

    Thank for your help

  4. ADAMS DE EQUATION on said:

    I am excited to go through this wanderful tips of yours. I thank u may the Almighty richly bless u

  5. Adeyemi omotayo on said:

    Am new here

  6. Joe on said:

    This will really be helpful for my exam is tomorrow. Thanks a bunch.

  7. emmanuel on said:

    I pray it works for me too😔

  8. Sunday herbert on said:

    Sir i appreciate ur article on how to cram..
    Thanks a million

  9. Ammar gadaka on said:

    Thank you so much mr flash 4u contribution its a good logic

  10. Anonymous on said:

    thank much

  11. gbenga on said:

    thank you sir ,for your heip

  12. Icon on said:

    Thanks for your tips…It helped me to ace through highschool and get to a good university.The unbelievable thing is that I still remember some of the chunks I crammed after 6months.

  13. Icon on said:

    I took your tips and applied it to my finals and aced a B+ which is more than required to get to the university.Thanks for your tips!!!

  14. Anonymous on said:

    nice work though….it has helped me a lot….thank you very much

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