How To Memorise Or Cram Everything A Night Before Your Exam — 51 Comments

  1. Thanks for your tips…It helped me to ace through highschool and get to a good university.The unbelievable thing is that I still remember some of the chunks I crammed after 6months.

  2. I took your tips and applied it to my finals and aced a B+ which is more than required to get to the university.Thanks for your tips!!!

  3. i love all your write helps alot of students like me who are really anxious towards next years jamb

  4. Personally speaking, i’m the type who doesn’t open her book to read and not untill i see the exam time table or when i have test/ exam to write.Iit’s only when i have a day to the exam date that’s just when i’d starting reading for the subject i have the following day. I also discoverd that i have been practising this right from when i was still in primary school and now i’m in my senior secondary school 3(sss 3). And not withstanding; i do perform excellently in my various examination.

  5. Also i think some educational systems encourage the habit of cramming and as such if you don’t cram you may just see a bright student failing just because the tutor didn’t teach them to understand it.In another case it may just be the fault of students. Some students don’t develop the zest to study until they see their exam time table. This sets of students will have a lot to cover and as such result to them cramming. But in all, i think even after understanding what you study , in some cases you still need to cram for it to stick. Nice content Mr flash

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