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  1. Benedict on said:

    Thanks a lot for the life transforming info. I want you to be my mentor. How do I get in touch with you one on one?

  2. Benedict on said:

    content is rich & quite informative. will I learn everything online?

  3. momentswithfikkys on said:


  4. Anonymous on said:

    I really appreciate the fact that you are willing to share your knowledge about blogging and seo. I noticed a change in your site theme etc, it’s been long i veiwed your site though. I’m willing to learn from you and i wanted to let you know that I’m studying same course you studied in the same school you studied as well.

  5. aghatise iyayi allen on said:

    sir i want to learn blogging pls teach me

  6. aydoele from lagos on said:

    I also want to learn blogging sir how do I contact you privately

  7. Onwuzor ibuchi on said:

    I will like to join you

  8. Anonymous on said:

    can u teach me 2

  9. Rachel Charles on said:

    Please am so much interested, and will be so lucky to have you as my tutor..please teach me.

  10. nZe evans on said:

    I would like to learn, can u teach me pls

  11. Timmy Samson on said:

    i also would like to learn SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIR PLEASE

  12. john theresa on said:

    sir please I want to learn,were will I start from

  13. Fedora Chiboka on said:

    I am interested, I hope you can be my tutor, tanks

  14. Tessy Mengu on said:

    I want to be blogger hope you can help

  15. Joshua Nkosi on said:

    And also are you on WhatsApp or telegram so that we can chat better

  16. Joshua Nkosi on said:

    Hello Isaac, I’m Joshua one of your top readers from South Africa and I hope to meet you someday. With your SEO guide, I started my blog in SA which is and is 3 months old and I hope to get millions of traffic like you but the issue is how long does it for my posts to rank very well on google

    • It is not about duration but by donation. Create unique and high search volume content. With that, you will be good to go. By the way, I love your blog layout. Its nice

    • Oyeniyi Michael Barry on said:

      Hi Joshua, please I need to contact you on something, here’s my blog just started it not long ago and it’s basically going to focus on South Africa education.

      Please reply asap.
      I am also the owner of been following flash isaac for long ago and he’s guidance has really helped my blog grow in Nigeria as well. Thanks flash Issac.

  17. Nnaemeka Simon Uzor on said:

    Isaac Inegbenehi I really love the good job you are doing here at Flashlearners. Indeed you are at the top of your game and I must say you are my role model.
    I am a regular visitor to your blog and I love the uniqueness of your blog posts and not like every other copy and paste bloggers. I recently started a new blog @ and I wish to be like you soon. I know there are so many other bloggers dominating your niche already but to me, you stand out because you are not a copy and paste blogger. Keep it up…

  18. peter shad. on said:

    let me just cease this period to learn and start a blog right away- since ASSU seems to be serious with their strike wahala.

    Mr Isaac please ride on. I’ve already been following since 1920 ……lolz. ….but, honesty since 2017 AND I CAN VOUCH THAT YOU’RE APPARENTLY COMPETENT.

  19. Aydmain on said:

    Hello bro Happy New Year how can I contact you so my blog can be Good

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