Learn SEO Episode 5: OnPage SEO And Creating High Quality Content — 35 Comments

  1. Thanks boss. Have being going through SEO and the blogging articles…
    Job well done
    But I want to know how do I do google machine summit on my article.

  2. Hello!

    Isaac Inegbenehi,

    You have done a great job for creating this kind of SEO tutor article for your readers. I must said, it’s really interesting skimming through it.

    SEO is a vital part that any blogger who wish for his/her post to be visible in SERP should really pay close attention to.

    And with the details explanations you have presented on this post, anyone who is hearing about SEO for the first time will surely understand what SEO is all about.

    How I do my SEO is after including my targeted keywords in all the strategic position like the title tag, the H2 tag, the Meta tags, the post URL and inside the blog post. I always submit the post URL to google console for it to be index immediately.

    I also, carryout off-page SEO for the said post by sharing it to several social media’s/forums and after which I will search for the post in search engine with my targeted keywords to see how it is doing (I.e where it has been position). This practice have help some of my post enters into google Top stories. Let me ends here before I turn this comment into a blog post *lol*.

    All da best bro!

    • Thanks boss… I really appreciate your contribution. Like I specified in the article, the next episode will focus on offpage SEO and how to make you site visible. Everything you mentioned would be touched.

      It’s going to take time that is why there is a big gap between Episode 5 and Episode 6 release date.

      Once again, thanks boss.

  3. Thank You Very Much Bro For Your Lessons I Have Really Learnt New Things.God Will Bless You. Pls Keep It Up

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