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Setting Up Domain, Hosting And WordPress On iPage — 21 Comments

  1. Evanxi on said:

    how do i login my blog after i have created it

  2. Tife on said:

    Please flashlearner is hosting by who

  3. cystation on said:


    you are good,

    your style of writing with sense of humour makes your writings much more comprehensible…


  4. Timothy Tarzoho on said:

    This is lovely. Thank so much issac

  5. Gafar faruk on said:

    Can I blog with my phone

  6. sule on said:

    sir pls how can we pay in Dollars?

  7. AA on said:

    Can ipage host HTML websites? If yes, how dobu uploaded your files?

  8. Omokanye on said:

    I created a website hosted by bluhost last week. I used google search console too. There is no error in my web. How long will it take to be indexed by google?

  9. Deuna Light on said:

    Pls Bro, is your blog a wordpress blog

  10. Darlington on said:

    the$35 you said is 4 d whole year right? what if i wanted 2 pay monthly because the complete cash is nt available?

    • Yes, the $35 is for one year…. You can chat with ipage support whether they can offer you three months trial of $3 just like they did for me.

  11. Owolabi ThankGod on said:

    Nice work so far

  12. stanley t. on said:

    Nice work, thanks Isaac

  13. Ugochukwu on said:

    Please sir,can i start blogging with a friends laptop since i don’t have mine yet?And what are my advantage and disadvantage?

    • You are free to start blogging with your friend’s laptop….

      Always log out when you are done and don’t save password after login if you don’t trust the person .

      But if the person is a true friend, then go ahead…

      The advantages is that he/she can help you write articles or give you ideas….

      All you need to do when you finally get a laptop is to login and continue with your own laptop…. Very easy..

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