Setting Up Domain, Hosting And WordPress On iPage — 22 Comments

  1. Mbaeri Chinyere on said:

    Please, can tell the name of this educational website, can you send me the free original jamb CBT practice through my email address orcan you download and install it directly in my phone.

  2. Evanxi on said:

    how do i login my blog after i have created it

  3. Tife on said:

    Please flashlearner is hosting by who

  4. cystation on said:


    you are good,

    your style of writing with sense of humour makes your writings much more comprehensible…


  5. Timothy Tarzoho on said:

    This is lovely. Thank so much issac

  6. Gafar faruk on said:

    Can I blog with my phone

  7. sule on said:

    sir pls how can we pay in Dollars?

  8. AA on said:

    Can ipage host HTML websites? If yes, how dobu uploaded your files?

  9. Omokanye on said:

    I created a website hosted by bluhost last week. I used google search console too. There is no error in my web. How long will it take to be indexed by google?

  10. Deuna Light on said:

    Pls Bro, is your blog a wordpress blog

  11. Darlington on said:

    the$35 you said is 4 d whole year right? what if i wanted 2 pay monthly because the complete cash is nt available?

    • Yes, the $35 is for one year…. You can chat with ipage support whether they can offer you three months trial of $3 just like they did for me.

  12. Owolabi ThankGod on said:

    Nice work so far

  13. stanley t. on said:

    Nice work, thanks Isaac

  14. Ugochukwu on said:

    Please sir,can i start blogging with a friends laptop since i don’t have mine yet?And what are my advantage and disadvantage?

    • You are free to start blogging with your friend’s laptop….

      Always log out when you are done and don’t save password after login if you don’t trust the person .

      But if the person is a true friend, then go ahead…

      The advantages is that he/she can help you write articles or give you ideas….

      All you need to do when you finally get a laptop is to login and continue with your own laptop…. Very easy..

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