How To Improve Your Study Life And Start Enjoying Reading Once Again — 7 Comments

  1. Marvelous on said:

    me particular I like reading, but I found it difficult to understand.

  2. Ayomidele on said:

    Pls how can i set personal time table, is it one subject per week????

  3. Basilica on said:

    get a jotter along side with you while reading, wen you read and ryt itz helps to retain wot you’ve read already

  4. Basilica on said:

    its ideal you get a jotter alongside while reading, it helps alot

  5. Chidera on said:

    No matter how i understand a particular topic i will still 4get it.but not in all topic. Plz what should i do.

  6. Anonymous on said:

    No matter how much i study a topic after sometimes I just think i about it.

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