Post UTME Is A Good News To Those With Low Jamb Score — 124 Comments

  1. can i still go for lasu medicine and surgery with jamb scorce of 198 and what % did i need for post utme

  2. Sir pls i scored 165 in jamb nd I want to study hospitality and tourism management in uniport can my post utme help me out

  3. Please I need urgent answers

    I scored 222 in jamb for medicine and surgery
    Can i still make it if i score high in post utme

    • I score 173 and I choose delsu as my second choice, I want to study pharmacy, should I go ahead with the postume

  4. I register My jamb registration in February 6 and I not known the time I will doing examination pls wish time I will do it

  5. I have a Jamb score of 255, but my post UME score is too low:21/50, would I probably get admitted into Uni Abuja?

  6. Is it that easy to score 90 and above in uniben post utme
    And how many questions are to be answered and I scored 203 in jamb for law do I still have a chance of getting law or better still mass comm

  7. Good day sir I scored 287 in jamb do I have a chance to study medicine in unn and wat percentage do I need in post utme

  8. i score 177 in jamb can i gain adm in university of calabar to study biochemistry pls i need a reply


  10. I ask 241 in jamb and 53 in post utme in uniben for medicine surgery but no admission yet can I be given for second choice (health education) pls help me answer it

  11. I scored 2018 in my jamb and 142 in my post utme. is there any chance of me gaining admission into university of port Harcourt studying in the department of ligustics and communication studies..

  12. i score 45 in post ume and my aggregrate is 48 am going for computer education will i have the chance of gaining admission.

  13. Pls I scored 231 in jamb and scored 43% in my post utme & my aggregate score is saying 50%.
    I chose business administration pls do I still have a chance.(uniben)

  14. Hello Sir, Please i score 240 in jamb and i want to study mechanical engineering at Futo, sir i have bought there pass question for utme and i read my text book when i am through with reading i will go to the pass question of futo post utme to check how far i can attempt the question and when i am attending the question it seem easier for me but i don’t no whether i should also use other pass question like jamb own or waec will it help me sir. sir which other pass question will be useful for post utme in Futo so that i can know were to prepare sir.

  15. Pls sir.i scored 217 in jamb.lyk how many percent should be my target for post utme in unn for the course biochemistry.

  16. Sir I had 212 in jamb I want to study International studies and diplomacy In uniben what is my admission chances?

  17. Please I scored 229 in jamb but am scared of risking it for nursing science in unilorin. Is change of course better for me to do or I should go on to work hard on the post jamb.

  18. Please I scored 227 in jamb but am scared of risking it for nursing science in unilorin. Is change of course better for me to do or I should go on to work hard on the post jamb.

  19. Helo admin,pls i scored 232 in my jamb,what post utme percentage will guarantee my admision to study law at oau

  20. hi flash
    I scored 204 in my jamb, do I stand a chance of getting medicine in delta state uni
    am hoping to score very high in my post utme

  21. Good day Admin, Jamb jam me with the score of 171. Is there any chance to study Architecture into Futminna? Or its a next year things?

  22. you can but it depend on the competitor of the course and if you will really try in your post utme at least you should score 95/100..

  23. I scored 254 in my Jamb. Do I stand any considerable chance in getting Law admission at OAU, provided i perform well in post utme?

    • Hy please I had 232 in jamb
      Can I still gain admission to study law in the university of Benin if I had a high score in my post ume?

  24. Hi Flash i scored 206 in jamb nd i filled unilag..any hope…nd like how many % do i need in post utme nd waec respectively cus its awaiting result….i’m so confused…pls i need ur opinion…

  25. Hi flash, i scored 189 in jamb, is there any hope for me to be admitted to study medicine in uniport? If no, then will i be admitted to study med. Lab? Uniport is my first choice. Pls, help me out.

  26. Hi flash I scored 215 in my jamb,can I still study medicine In uniben…. And I think the WAEC results points are to the UTME and post-UTME

  27. Pls i scored 221 in jamb and i want to study masscomm in unn wat score should i get in my post utme that will guarantee admission to study my desired course

    • you can but it depend on the competitor of the course and if you will really try in your post utme at least you should score 95/100..

  28. hello flash i scored 260 in jamb..313 in post ume…and 287 as aggregate… applied for civil law in a b u zaria… whats your opinion.?

  29. Hello Flash I picked UI I scored 221. can I know how ui do set their questions and will they allow the use of manual calculator? what score in putme should I be aiming at to gain admission to civil engineering?

  30. Sorry I am going to Unilag and everything is different there post utme is 30% jamb is 50% and Waec is 20% and I want to ask if there is cut off mark for post utme in Unilag cause I heard the aggregate is 40% and overall I got 57.7/100 I had 251 in jamb and 10/30 in post utme and 16/20 in Waec

  31. hey flash did the uniben post utme and wasn”t allowed to use the calculator in the system,which I feel will affect my performance, its that how its usually conducted

  32. pls sir my jamb score is 253 and I want to study law in uniben. please what do I need to score in post utme to be sure of admission. pls help me sir so I cam set a target for myself

  33. pls sir I score 165 in jamb going for medicine in unical, is any chance for admission or should I change my course e.i radiography?

  34. hi..pls i need ur help..i scored 234 in jamb..nd i want 2 study law at uniben…pls lyk how many percentage do i need..i want 2 set a target 4 myself.pls can u help

  35. hey flash,is it by any means possible to change your course of choice after the results of the screening has been released since jamb has extended the change of course till the end of the admission process.And if it is would it be detrimental to my chances of gaining the admission.

  36. pls flash can u tell me much about post UTME for MBBS uniben? I scored 250 in JAMB…i need ur advice pls..i need u to tell me about post UTME subject combination for medical student?…how to prepare for it? And the score i should aim at? I will be grateful upon ur reply.

    • Uniben post utme tests you basically on your Jamb subjects…. However, it is no news that the University of Benin sometimes set mathematics questions for Medicine aspirants. You should prepare for mathematics as well as your Jamb subjects combination.

      If you actually passed Jamb without help, then you should not have any problem with post utme. Also, try to get uniben post utme past questions…

      Note: Calculators are not allowed in Uniben post utme hall and the time is usually short. Learn to practice at the speed of light.

      I wrote an article on how to answer exam questions with the speed of light. See it here

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