How To Prepare And Pass Jamb In Two Weeks — 435 Comments

  1. BUKKY on said:

    Sir how do I make it how will I start in the exam because I don’tunderstand mathematics

  2. Anonymous on said:

    Please I need the time table

  3. ADEWALE on said:

    thanks I really appreciate

  4. Anonymous on said:

    I need your help sir how did I get my jamb center and date

  5. Oladotun odunola on said:

    Thank you so much sir ,you really inspired me a lot and gave me a motivational clues about how to read jamb series cause I’ve been trying so hard to finish it from 1978 but you lessen my stress ,thanks .I pray it comes out well for me.

  6. I want to know my exam center and date, sir may God bless you people as you people helping us

  7. Divine Ominyi on said:

    Sir I want to know my exam center and date

  8. Divine ominyi on said:

    Sir please I want to know my exam center and dated

  9. Anonymous on said:

    Sir please I want to know my exam center and dated

  10. Christiana Deebee on said:

    Thanks so much

  11. Nwogu daniel on said:

    thanks sir, i have faith

  12. zulaihat kabeer on said:

    thanks for the encouragement.

  13. Nuhu salihu on said:

    How do i print my jamb exam dat and center

  14. Emediong Abia on said:

    Nice advice

  15. Nathaniel on said:

    Thank you sir I will come back with flying colors

  16. Sam on said:

    what about quickreview for physics

  17. Vixky on said:

    Thanks so much sir. God will bless you

  18. Kabir Azeezat olamide on said:

    Thanks so much,it’s really encouraging

  19. Taiwo ezekiel oluwatimileyin on said:

    Waw.kudos to you sir.wisdom and knwledge will nt elude you.thanks sir. You can add me sir on facebok.i ned your asistance .

  20. GBENGA on said:


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