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Jamb 2020 Novel: Sweet Sixteen (16) Summary And Questions — 134 Comments

  1. Am sitting for jamb 2020 and I want to study pharmaceutical technology and I want to write English, Chemistry, Physics and Biology

  2. Good-day sir/ma,please what are the subject l need to go and study medicine at the University.Thank you sir/ma😊.

  3. Pls is mass com a good course. Cos an trying to chose BTW mass com and business management.. I love dem both..pls help me

  4. I registered for jamb at global distance learning centre Abuja. i was not given the compulsory novel, what do I do

  5. Please what can I do….I did jamb last and also registered for this year with the same number… But the e-mail was my last year email coz I was told by the workers their that it can’t be changed since I used the number last year….so they changed my password said it won’t affect it.. .
    But now I just want to know if it will affect because that password wasn’t registered with the e-mail…. Please I need a reply…please…..
    Thank you sir/ma.

  6. Don’t read to pass jamb alone but read to acquire knowledge… u will definitely pass if u pray and study well

  7. I had never been written jamb before. But I need to go for it 2019 and my fear is that whether I would be able to make, as Iam new to it? Sir, Needing your advise! Thank.

    • Don’t read to pass jamb alone but read to acquire knowledge… u will definitely pass if u pray and study well

  8. Good morning,I have maths A1,English C6,civic B3,biology C5,physics C5,chemistry E8,agric B2,economics B2,geo D7.can I study architecture with the result

  9. Please can I study mass communication with this o level result
    Data processing A1
    Crk B3
    Economics E8
    Government C6
    literature in English C6
    Civic A1
    English language C4
    Mathematics B3
    Biology C6

  10. Sir I would like to know what can read i school with these grades.

    Further math: E8
    General math: C6
    Animal husbandry:C6

  11. Goodevening Sir I Have Mathes B3, Eng C6, Civic C6, Govt C5, Eco B3, Book Keeping D7, Accounting C5, Commerce C4 Can I Go For Banking&Finance.

  12. Greetings Sir,
    Mathematics c6
    English c5
    Economics c5
    Government d7
    Geography cancelled
    Civic c4
    Fishery c5
    C.R.S c5
    Agric c6

    Can i study Economics with this result sir? i need your answer ASAP thanks.

  13. can i study law with this
    animal husbandry-c6

  14. Good day sir, i wrote jamb 2018 and my course was history and international studies but unfortunately my name did not appear on the admission list so i want to rewrite my jamb but sumbody told me dat i should change that course that i chose last yr and go for sumthing more profitable. The question here is dat am an art student and the subject combination am use to it and changing it with the little time i have now is sumthing am not certain if i will pass if i change. Pls sir i really need ur advice asap bfore the end of this week bcos i would like to get the form next week
    Thanks for ur help.

  15. Pls wat can i study with dis subject
    Math – E8
    Physics -c4
    Civic -B3
    Marketing -B2

  16. Please sir I have Cs in my o’level result and am a science student please what can I study with it
    Cause I want to become a doctor

    • It depends on the university u want to fill in for. Some schools considers the grades in your olevel as an admission criterion. something like A1=6 points etc. whatever that means. So if u don’t have enough A’s or B’s it may reduce ur admission chances. but u can also increases ur admission chances by high jamb ND putme scores. I mean high.. medicine no be teeth lol

  17. Pls sir, hw possible is it for me to read for 10hrs without dozing?I tried but it was just for 6hrs.I could not continue,pls can you give me some tips.

  18. pls sir what can i study with this o’level result
    Data Processing B3
    Economics C4
    Civic Education B3
    English Language C5
    Yoruba Language B2
    Fur Mathematics B3
    Mathematics B3
    Chemistry A1
    Physics B3
    When Is Jamb Registration Starting?

  19. I have a jamb profile, the one i used in 2017 but wasn’t admited. Do i still need to create another jamb profile to register for 2019 or there’s a way i can update my previous jamb profile?

  20. Sir gud afternoon, please I want to download the novel but it seems is not working . please sir wat else can I do because I need it now

  21. Wonderful morning to you sir, thanks for all your supports and mentorship. Please sir, i study medicine using a 3 sitting result?

  22. Pls,will we be given the novel “sweet sixteen” during our jamb registration or we should buy it ourselves ?

  23. As am seeing it. I can perceived the Novel will be more easier for 2019 Jamb candidate to read.
    May God help us.

    Pls sir. I need your attention.
    Can I study accounting with this O’level results.
    Maths. c6
    Engs. c6
    Econ. dseven
    Acct. cfive
    Govt. Bthree
    Commerce. Btwo

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