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Jamb Sweet Sixteen Summary And Questions 2021 — 147 Comments

  1. Daniel on said:

    I am about to peek jamb this year I need a summary for. Physics chemistry biology and English

  2. Ayomide oluwakemisola on said:

    Pls sir I want to sit for jamb this year and I really really need ur help sir pls on my subjects

  3. Adebayo hawwau on said:

    Please i just want to sit for 2021 jamb

  4. Philip on said:

    Sir please lecture me on what to do so that to make to 200 and above in english, economics, crk, and lit in eng

    • Chains👼 on said:

      Just have to study smart

  5. aondofa john on said:

    jamb questions and answers on accounting, economic, english, mathematics. 2020

  6. aondofa john on said:

    pls sir i need a summary of sweet sixteen 2020

    • Anonymous on said:

      Literally, there was no antagonist and Aliya’s mom was not identified, so she is just Mrs Aliyah.

  7. De Neuman on said:

    1. who was the Antognonist of the sweet sixteen, 2.who is Aliya mother.

    • Anonymous on said:

      Literally, there was no antagonist and Aliya’s mom was not identified, so she is just Mrs Aliyah.

      • Anonymous on said:

        Aliya’s Mum is Mrs Bello

  8. Joshua Patience on said:

    Pls sir i need ur help in Maths, English, Economics,and Commerce

    • Nnoshiri Prisca Oluchi on said:

      Pls sir I need ur help in English, Maths, Economics Nd Commerce.

  9. preshy luke on said:

    what are the subjects combinations for marketing in university of portharcourt

  10. Imo blessing ime on said:

    Pls help wit physics and chemistry

  11. Rebecca George on said:

    Thanks for d info

  12. Bamidele yusuf on said:

    Which book are recommended for literature in jamb 2020

  13. Iorwuese Lubem on said:

    Wonderful sir keep i am guide this hour welldone

  14. Christabel Arochi on said:

    Please sir, what are the subject combination for jamb in computer science

    • Anonymous on said:

      Maths English physics and chemistry

    • Anonymous on said:

      Maths physics chemistry
      Maths and physics is

  15. Emmanuella moses on said:

    Please sir what are the subjects in education administration

  16. Mbanaso Nancy Mmesoma on said:

    Am sitting for jamb 2020 and I want to study pharmaceutical technology and I want to write English, Chemistry, Physics and Biology

  17. Ovievie .C. Emmanuel on said:

    Good-day sir/ma,please what are the subject l need to go and study medicine at the University.Thank you sir/ma😊.

  18. mohammed bello Abubakar on said:

    pls help with government economic literature

  19. olalekan on said:

    sir,I need your help on math,English,Physics & chemistry

  20. Udeme Anthony Umoren on said:

    Pls sir/ma I need your help on eng,bio,chem,phy because am writing my jamb tomorrow

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