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Jamb English Syllabus 2021 And Hot Topics — 146 Comments

  1. itz donzilla on said:

    Thank sir…Am really grateful…I luv dis Ur site…But I just wish that u also have whatsapp grp for us

    • Anonymous on said:


  2. ARIKE-ADE on said:

    thank you so much sir….am really greatful I found your site am preparing for my 2021 waec

  3. Abbygail on said:

    Would there be any questions from previous novels or just the present one?

  4. Udeh chioma on said:

    Thanks alot for this

  5. Akujuonu favour kyrian on said:

    Pls sir i need ur help on physics and chemistry

  6. Elijah Henry on said:

    This has really helped a lot
    I’ll be ready

  7. Happiness Willie Isonguyo on said:

    what subject can i choose for English course

  8. Mahmud muhammad baba on said:

    Good to hear i will prepare now sir

  9. Susan wisdom on said:

    Pls are syllabus 4 2019 or 2020

  10. Oluwasammy on said:

    The English language syllabus displayed here is for 2018 not Di’s year own…. Please can I get this year syllabus?

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