Use Jamb Past Questions To Score 350+ In 2021 — 254 Comments

  1. Ubong, Faith Nsikak on said:

    Thank you very mush sir, may God bless u.

  2. Adeojo hikmat on said:

    Sir i need ur help in english,chemistry,physics,biology

  3. Mercy Willams on said:

    Pls help me more on physics,chemistry math,

  4. Najmah ibrahim on said:

    Thanks very much sir

  5. Omolola on said:


  6. onaji Simon on said:

    pls help me

  7. Favour on said:

    I need u to help me more on account ,commerce and maths

  8. Saviour emene on said:

    This is great

  9. Anonymous on said:

    A golden hand shake for such advice.Thanks a lot I made it through this.

  10. Glory Samson on said:

    wow! thank you so much sir for this, God bless you richly

  11. Jerome mb on said:

    pls help me, What will i do to get a combination of accounting

  12. Aderonke on said:

    Sir I need past question for biology, English, chemistry and physics

  13. Elisha Emmanuel on said:

    Pls sir I need most repeated questions on physics and chemistry.

  14. Ruby Jay on said:

    Thanks it help alot

  15. Daud uthman on said:

    Sir I need your help in math, physics, chemistry, English,you are wonderful,you are my saviour

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