Jamb Physics Syllabus 2021 And Hot Topics — 43 Comments

  1. Abdurrahman Ahmad on said:

    I need Books Physics, Mathematics

  2. Ibrahim on said:

    Thank you

  3. Anonymous on said:

    Thank you

  4. Anonymous on said:

    I need english, biology and chemistry syllable as well, but thanks for the physics, I really appreciate

  5. Joshua on said:

    PDF for physics syllabus , please

  6. Anonymous on said:

    PDF for physics syllabus , please

  7. Anonymous on said:

    Thank u but I really need the 2020 syllabus n I don’t no why its not downloading to pdf

    • It is not downloading or it is not opening? If it is not opening, then download a pdf reader on your phone. If it is not downloading, then check your network.

  8. Chinelo on said:

    Don’t be weary of reading rather read as you can

  9. Moses amos on said:

    I love this maths

    • Anonymous on said:

      All the subject

      • Anonymous on said:

        Thank you sir

  10. Huzaifa on said:

    Thank u

  11. adesuyi florence ben on said:

    how will i know the answer

    • Usama Mansur on said:

      I like that, but it is really wworking?

  12. Nnolum Jessica on said:

    I need English ,biology, physics and chemistry syllables

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