JAMB Subject Combinations for All Courses In Nigeria — 239 Comments

  1. pls can I study criminology and security studies with the subject combination. English, Economics, Government and literature at unilorin

  2. Can i study psychology with eng, bio, govt and econs? tho i had E8 in econs….as for my 0’level, Eng, maths, bio, govt, yor, civic and fisheries? pls

  3. English b2
    Maths a1
    Igbo b3
    Crs a1
    Literature e8
    Economics d7
    Marketing a1
    Civic a1
    Government b2
    Should I do political science with this result

  4. please what course can I study with this result
    maths b2 English c5 government d7 economics c6 account b2 commerce d7 animal husbandary c4 civic b2 computer f9

  5. Please can I study economics in the following subjects…
    Math a1
    English b2
    Economics c1
    Government b2
    Marketing b1
    Civic a1
    CRK c1
    Commerce a1 and literature f9

  6. You can’t study accounting without having a trade subject, tho accounting is a compulsory subject for your course

  7. I have agriculture c4,crk a1, Civic education b3, data processing c4, economics c6, English c5, government e8, literature c6, and mathematics b2. Sir please what can I study?

  8. Pls sir, what course can I study with this result.
    English Language B3
    Lit_in_English C6
    Government B3
    Agricultural science C5
    Marketing C6
    Commerce E8
    Christian Religious study E8
    Mathematics canceled

    • You can’t study accounting without having a trade subject, tho accounting is a compulsory subject for your course

  9. pls sir what can i study with this result
    data processing d7
    economics b3
    geography c6
    civic education a1
    english c4
    maths a1
    biology c5
    chemistry d7
    physics b3
    pls sir just help me out

  10. Please sir what can I study with this …..English C6,Maths D7,Civic C6,Economic B3,Literature C6,Marketing C6

  11. which course will study with dis results math d7 lit d7 economic d7 commerce f.9 english c6 animal h c5 crs b 3 government c 6 civic c 5

  12. I wrote ,mathematics ,english ,commerce ,government in jamb ,please which course can ,i study

  13. Pls my subject combination in waec was wrong, I did Civic Education instead of Government, pls can I have admission to study Social Studies in Education?
    I wrote govt I jamb

  14. Please can 267 In Jamb With The following subject combination:

    english, crs, literature and govt be used to study history and international relations?

  15. Please I have eight c5 and my physics D7 in My Neco,can I use the result for urban and regional planning?

  16. Pls sir I have d7 in acct and civic can I use is to study education and social studies or business administration

  17. I have seven C5 on other subjects but then I have two D7 in Civic and marketing in NECO
    can I use it to gain Admission and study Dentistry in University?

  18. Pls sir, can i use neco result and gain admission into uni.i av credit pass in 8 subject and b3 in economics

  19. I have faced dis kind of problem before,been an art student if u don’t have literature I don’t think der will be any course you can study,even though they choose a course for u,ur admission may be a problem, because I have also experienced dis before.

  20. Sir I have all my olevel credited under science course but i intended studying guardian and counseling which subject combination can I apply to secure that course at university of Abuja?

  21. what subject do I need to study international relations in higher and also to register in jamb I really need ur help

  22. I want to study creative art and design,are this jamb combination okay:maths,english,commerce,economics.Please I need an urgent reply thank you

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