JAMB Subject Combinations for All Courses In Nigeria — 34 Comments

  1. Please, I like to study Islamic, but I didn’t do Arabic/Islamic and Yoruba in my o level,but the rest are genuine. Can I be offered.

  2. Can I study public administration with this result maths c6.
    English c6
    Accounting c4
    Marketing c5
    Crk c4
    Govt c6
    Economic f9
    Igbo f9
    Civic d7.
    What can. I study with this result in the university

  3. i will like to go for phylosophy but my result is dis 1.english 2.math 3.government 4.biology can i go for it

  4. please…am still contemplating and my brain scrubbing the wall of my skull ..

    i choosed art .department
    and economics course…

    i later rememberd that i was supoz tu chosse Social science department…
    when i’ve already gotten home..
    is there any hope or solution to this? …please

  5. chai! its not fair oooo so OTM/Secretarial study is not a course…. hmmmm and if i want to switch to Economic, i must sabi maths and account…..okay ooo i can help maths but ACCOUNT and get problem b4 for the other world and we be never settle b4 i come dx world…..what do i do (DE candidate)

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