All Jamb Registration And Exam Questions Answered In Jamb Twitter Chat — 24 Comments

  1. Please I need to know the truth about this if a candidates fails jamb and hes having Nce result to apply for direct entry hope no issue is attached is this even possible?

  2. please i registered my jamb with awaiting reuslt and while registering the person didnt put my waec center number neither did he put the list of subjects for waec. I hope it doesnt make any difference

  3. due to the delay of JAMB my NDA registration couldn’t work out haven paid d 3k in bank n for mi to complete my reg and submit online dint work out…so dunno wat to do nw can u help wit dis JAMB.????

  4. Can i registration my jamb school of choice like this
    1st. Adeyemi college of education
    2nd. lagos state university
    3rd. Polytechnic igbo ora
    4th. Federal college of education (special)oyo

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