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6 Things To do Before Jamb 2021 Registration — 51 Comments

  1. Abdulrahman on said:

    Sir always
    loving the advice u gave to us here indeed to much love sir
    so apart from fut minna which uni take care of mechatronic engineer?

  2. Kareem Azeez on said:

    Sir,What can i to do before register for jamb

  3. Happiness on said:

    Pls I Used My Name As SurName is there way i can change?

  4. OGBONNA FLORENCE on said:


  5. islamiyat adeyemi on said:

    pls sir can we talk privately?

  6. Anonymous on said:

    I love ur writing. Keep it up

  7. nurudeen yusug on said:

    sir what do i need before i will register for jamb ,like ,waec result and other thing

    • Anonymous on said:

      Do we need to add 0’level result with our jamb

  8. Eribo nosa on said:

    Can I add marketing to my o level combination to study agricultural science cause my economics is d7 and the marketing is c6 in another sitting

  9. Anonymous on said:

    I want to write jamb,but my maths is f9 wat sud i do?

  10. Femi ogundare on said:

    pls sir can i choose two state uni in jamb

  11. favour on said:

    sir, pls update me with jamb 2019 information

  12. Akpan Samuel on said:

    sir pls can you highlight some hot cake courses for those that are science inclined

  13. Aminat Oloko on said:

    plz sir, i finish from gateway poly and i want to apply direct entry to unilorin can i apply and am i stil writing jamb

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