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Score Above 300 In Jamb 2021 With 3 Months Of Reading — 13 Comments

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Can I score 395 and above in 2 month

  2. emmanuella on said:

    please can i score 300 and above with less than one month?

  3. ij on said:

    pls,how many questions are we going to answer in jamb.

  4. Peace on said:

    I need someone to teach me chemistry

  5. Mustapha abdul waliy on said:


  6. Ruth on said:

    When l learnt that, l suppose to read for 3 months before being effective for the JAMB examination.l became worried and afraid because I didn’t start to study on time and I don’t even have all the recommended texts because my parents don’t have enough money to buy them all. Can l still make it good for the JAMB examination?.

  7. Ibrahim semiru on said:

    I thanks u and may God help us

  8. japhet zuma on said:

    how much is jamb registration fees

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