How To Pass Jamb 2018 Once And For All – Standard Solutions — 74 Comments

  1. Have read alot of things, but there are still little I don’t plain is to study architecture,now if I graduate can get work early? Please I need an assistant on this

  2. i am a science student.i want to study nursing what is the is keylines of passing jamb and gaining admission in the best university

  3. is jamb 2018 going to be hard
    or is there negative marking in jamb

    and can someone answer all the question either dat person knw it or not

  4. Goodevening sir, pls my government was cancelled in my wasce result, can I use civic education to replace government and go for economics?

  5. pls since i register for jamb i have not been text on de center dat am to write de exam nd exam will soon start

  6. pls sir I have not being send anything on me writing mock can I go back tomorrow to the place I register for complains

  7. my government was cancelled in my waec result can i use civic education to replace it to study law or any social science course?

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