How To Pass Jamb 2021 Once And For All — 318 Comments

  1. Oh,lord this is my first time to begin’s wrote jamb, but u say whoever belieave’s in u, you will be with him,GOD pls helf us.

  2. Aromeh David on said:

    How can i get jamb past question

  3. Abbas Muktar on said:

    Jamb is nothing Just believe u can do and pray.

  4. Anonymous on said:


  5. Isa ahmad musa on said:

    I pray to all candidate for this year 2021 JAMB writers to get their result god grace.

    • Isa amk ahmad on said:

      Ameen summa ameen

    • Anonymous on said:

      Aman o

      • Anonymous on said:


    • Anonymous on said:


  6. abdulrasaq on said:

    i pray i will pass my jamb in the nammme of allah i will score 350 inshallah

  7. Oruche nzube on said:

    What should I do to pass my jamb

  8. Jessica on said:

    Pls how i i pass my jamb this is my first time and i don’t want to rewrite it

  9. yusuf abdulkarim on said:

    how can i pass 2021 jamb pls i need a help

  10. Stephanie Brookes on said:

    Hi pls how can I get constant detailed explanation on all of my syllabus …I checked but didn’t see on flash learner’s …

  11. Edoka Arome on said:

    Just believe

  12. thaddeus godwin oluwapelumi on said:

    how much is jamb dis year 2021

  13. Kafillu on said:

    would i be able to pass this jamb without readin

  14. stephen Bitrus on said:

    how can i do to pass this jamb this yr 2021

  15. GOMMEY GALACTIC on said:

    How much is for the jamb runz

  16. Henry udeson on said:

    Pls I really need to pass help me in what ever way u can

  17. Oluwaseun on said:

    Will I pass jamb if I don’t do jamb lessons

    • Kingsley on said:

      Just believe

    • Victor oruche on said:

      What should I do to please my jamb

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