Jamb Registration 2018 Form | Facts and Fiction — 53 Comments

  1. Please sir I fail only two subject in my waec which are biology and marketing and I wanna study electrical engineering pls what should I do

  2. Please sir, I have C4 in commerce, A1 in F/accounting, D7 in economics, C5 in English and A1 in mathematics… Can I use it to study marketing ?

  3. pls sir I am an art student. wrote waec since 2010 but I got just five credit English. crs.and history. so 2016 I re rejester again but the examaster mistakely rejester science subject for me so I was left with no option than to write it just like that. ..and to God be the glory I got seven paper both English and math. my question is this I till want to apply for art course. … but my art result is not good enough rather my science result is good but I cannot go for science course I don’t know anything about science. so can I combin the two results? ??????

  4. sir pls am an art student I need ur help,base on this jamb 2017 ,,I have math c6, eng c6, government c6, economics c6, agriculture science c6, CRS c6 pls what can I use it to study ..tank u sir

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