Jamb Series Part 39: Correct Mistakes Made In Jamb Profile — 498 Comments

  1. Rejoice on said:

    Great Software. Nice one

  2. John Faith on said:

    Pls I didn’t create a jamb profile b4 reg. N can’t log in to d jamb site where I can check my cap, admission status, result..
    Wen I tried creating it dey tell me dat we re sorry d site has been removed or temporary unavailable.. Pls I need help so I can access my jamb info..

    • Blessing Olorunda on said:

      Same here

  3. Atanda Abigeal Oluwatosin on said:

    Pls Sir I registered jamb with the gmail I used last year, an official made mistake, he spelt gmail like this “gamil” and am trying to check the recent registration slip but it is displaying last year details. Pls what can I do

  4. Adeleke Favour on said:

    I registered for jamb last year but I wasn’t given admission, then I registered this year with the same number I used last year, but my profile keep displaying 2019 information
    Please any solution to that?

  5. Unique on said:

    Pls I made mistake in my LGA so decided to create anoda jamb account but it kept displaying…we re sorry dis page hz been removed and so on…so my question is wat else can I do wen de website hz refused to create anoda jamb account for me?

  6. abdulkadir on said:

    pls mistake was made by jamb official instead of abdul they wrote abdud pls how can i correct pls

    • Anonymous on said:

      You can go back to the CBT Centre

  7. Epete susan on said:

    I registered for the 2019 utme exams but whenever I open my jamb profile account, the year that displays is 2018 and I haven’t seen any option to change it to 2019. Pls what do I do. Thanks

  8. Abubakar Jawad Abdullahi on said:

    I got Admission but is during my screening that I realize my surname was incorrect, so if I went to jamb centre for correction, won’t that affect my Admission?

  9. Grace Esther on said:

    Pls sir,i used the Emai I used to register jamb the previous year this year again….but I tried to login my jamb profile but it still shows last year’s details….. what can I do

  10. Emmanuel on said:

    Pls There Was Mistake In My Email How Can I Correct It

    • mary on said:

      Same here wat do we do?

      • Madufor Oluchi Emmanuella on said:

        pls, sir I can’t access my email address

  11. Amarachi Kalu on said:

    When do that normally announce for mistake correction

  12. Anonymous on said:

    About correction of mistakes in details, when do jamb usually announce for the correction

  13. Achi Peter on said:

    I registered jamb without creating an account on jamb portal because I already have an existing profile account with jamb during the last year jamb exercise and I still used the same email address to register the one of this year,and like now I can’t access my personal details for this year. Though I’ve reprinted, so what shall I do?

    • Anonymous on said:

      Same with me.

    • Anonymous on said:

      same with me

  14. progress on said:

    I want to change my examination canter and they mistakenly change my state is it possible to change it again or should I forget this year jamb

  15. anonymous on said:

    please part of my surname and first name was omitted and it is like that on my examination slip. please what can be done to correct it.

  16. AY on said:

    d center i registered did mistake during my registration they chose economics instead of biology, dnt knw wat to do cos i have been going there bt they weren’t able to do it. they said d portal is closed, will they still open d portal sir?

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