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Jamb Series Part 35: Does Jamb Postpone Exams? — 10 Comments

  1. Auwal on said:

    when jamb date would be appear. I have been checking since 6March as you said, but I haven’t seen it yet why

  2. Matthias Chinwendu on said:

    Jamb postponed their exams on April

  3. Dan on said:

    Pls i want to ask,is it composury to attend nit class?

  4. Archibong Abigail Etim on said:

    Have been checking my e-mail everyday even that satauday morning 13 I checked it nothing was there.but to my greatest surprised that evening checking it again it was that day!. And the message came in around 3 :35 pm.my brother will kill me ooooo.

  5. justin Amaka on said:

    Thanks for your information God bless you but plz am so confused because I have been checking my email and I have seen the date of my exam nor the center.when will jamb send the mail cause the date of the exam is this month

  6. Von on said:

    the exam is on the 13th naaaa ad til nw no updates!

  7. Oboh Beatrice on said:

    Pls when am i supposed to receive message from jamb on the date of my exam and the center. The said on the 25th of this month but i haven’t still see it

  8. Tina Olisa on said:

    am happy about this developement

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