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Jamb Series Part 34: Possibility of Buying 2 Jamb Forms — 14 Comments

  1. Idriss abdullahi adamu on said:

    I need too see how much you sale jamb

  2. SlagzzyIkus on said:

    Thank you so much

  3. Taiwo adebisi on said:

    What are the book to read for jamb

  4. Adeyemi Racheal on said:


  5. wagbisa on said:

    I purchased two jamb forms but on basis that I hv used the first line for registration last year but I didn’t get admission. so when I got the news that one can’t use the phone number for last year to register for this year I was panicked and had to buy another form

  6. Racheal on said:

    thanks for this but is there a way to get the answers too, so you can check at the end of the day if you are right or wrong?

    • Saidu Shaibu on said:

      Can I applied jamb and DE in this year I want to applied both

  7. Sunday Musa on said:

    but sir the person that register my own mistakenly put Maiduguri as my c.b.t center and,am in kogi state and their say that there can change it for that is y i want apply for two pls help me haw can I do

  8. Anonymous on said:


  9. aondonenge iorfa Francis on said:

    is it possible for me to purchase DE form and jamb form again.

  10. Danny on said:

    What if i use a different name

  11. Benedict Obeji on said:

    Thanks sir, I am bothering how a candidates would obtain 2 form on single year but now i have seen the inplication of buying multiple two form.

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