The Life Changer: Jamb Novel For 2021 English — 246 Comments

  1. my n. ame. is wura and. you r name. to on said:

    OK thanks. Pls what CLS a. U

  2. isah grace lolade on said:

    its an intersting story

  3. Kingsley Emmanuel on said:

    This novel(The life changer) is been as a told as a story just like Chimamada’s Purple Habicus but my problem is the setting,it gets more complex halfway

  4. Dingli microv on said:

    Am about to complete the text

  5. The novel ‘life changer’…Is it a first person narrative? Or first person & third person narrative??🤷

  6. OKIKE AMARACHI on said:

    In the novel life changer….can we call it a first person narrative?? Or first & third person narrative???🤷

    • Anonymous on said:

      Am also wondering

  7. Benjamin emilia on said:

    I have red the text…but still having some difficulties challenges in the text like theme

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