How To Upload Waec And Neco Awaiting Results To Jamb Portal — 256 Comments

  1. i filled in my gce result while registering, but i want to remove it and change to my waec that is awaiting how do i go about it

  2. How do i upload my Result on Jamb portal because i visited my profile and i didnt see any space to upload my result and it has been given me serious headache and i want to do it before it close

  3. pls can jamb tell me wat to do? wen av waec and neco start releasing results at August? DAT you r saying candidates should summit by den.pls dis not fare,at first y did you give room for waiting results. let der be extension for DAT date o pls

  4. they mistakely put wrong local goverment of origin and i want to change it should i wait for admission process to start and swear affidavit or i should go and change it in jamb office

  5. I didn’t put my result when I registered how do I put it on jamb website now, is it available yet or do I need to go to their HQ.please your assistance would be most appreciates

  6. I have opened my profile to upload my result but I cannot see exactly where to do that. Is it the same place as regularizing my documents? This cost 10k

  7. I just opened the jamb portal now to upload my waec result but I can’t see where to fill it or anything like waec….pls how do I fill it

  8. Please I have a new waec result and before I put two sitting for my waec why registration but I need to upload this my new one how can I do that

  9. Please where can I click on my jamb profile to enable me upload my WAEC result? Can I also upload NECO awaiting result in place of my WAEC result?

  10. Please I know that jamb portals for uploading awaiting o’levels is not yet opened but please I need updates immediately it is opened for uploading result.please before august.

  11. pls I need full procedures!!! like u said, when I visit the jamb portal and I log into my profile, what to do next pls???

  12. please i need to upload my waec result on jamb portal. can you please guide through as i can’t upload since day before yesterday is there any other means? has anyone been able to upload his or her result on the portal. kindly share the process.

  13. Please how do i upload my waec result on my jamb profile? or do I need to visit an accredited CBT center to do that.

  14. Am okoha confidence the uploading of awaiting result not yet open? and I put neco awaiting result but now I want to use my waec I have 8credits and my maths is d7 and my jamb score is 171 can I gain adimisson at list poly pls I need ur reply @isaac inegbenehi pls

  15. I want to upload my 2017 waec result but its not just working,it is showing me-No Used Service With Document Upload Found

  16. When will the portal be opened? I have searched and scanned throughly i cnt see any option for uploading result? Pls when will it be opened sir?

  17. sir today Wednesday I long into their jamb portal and my jab account I can’t find any were for any result uploading does it means that d portal is not yet opened?????? bcoz we don’t want to miss it

  18. Please I want to log in to my jamb profile on my phone but after imputing the e-mail address and password it says invalid email address or password,try again…pls wat should I do

  19. Good to know when the JAMB Portal is opened for (A/R) upload. I will very much appreciate the information. @EmexSystems

  20. My daughter made 8 credits and a pass in the WAEC result released recently.She has been trying to upload the result into jamb portal in one of the jamb accredited center
    to enable jamb give her admission but this has not been possible.They told her that the jamb portal is not opening.please advise me on what to do.August is fast running out and i don’t want her to loose her admission.Treat as urgent.Thanks.

  21. Please how can one upload his/her WAEC result to his/her JAMB profile, please help is needed urgently. Awaiting your reply.

  22. Good Evening i used WAEC for my jamb awaiting result but unfortunately waec held my result. So please will the accept my NECO.

  23. My wace result is showing held will do nw, secondly I have another result but not that good can I upload twice. Please ansz.

  24. I wanted to study med and surg in lasu bet due to low score 213, I change it to biochemistry. I want to know from you is it possible to change it before paying the school fees after admission?

  25. sir if i go to cbt center wil it b possible for dem to help me upload my result bcause hav been tryin it on my phone bt couldnt c where to upload my result

  26. hello, Isaac, I have read all the complaints about the uploading the WAEC O’ Level result to JAMB platform, and there seems to be no solution. And today, JAMB is still insisting that there will be no admission without O’ Level result. Do you have any information if the portal will be open at all? Thank you

  27. it seems madatory that the only means of upload is the cbt center. this to me is an act of exploitation, cause i should suppose to do this with my system and not paying on every little thing i want to do. so i just want to be sure, must it be only through cbt before one can upload?

  28. Please, the uploading of result, is it for those with awaiting or for everybody. Pls I need your answer and how can I do that?

  29. Pls i need ur help, have they started uploading awaiting result pon jamb website? Secondly, i want tto study political science and credited 6 subjects with 3 B and 3 cc but my literature is not good. Ppls s there hope 4 me?

  30. Pls sir is the uploading of o’level result for everyone, becos i did that while registering for jamb. and just last week Friday when want for change of institution i was told that the uploading of o’level result was for everyone and that i should pay N1,200 for it.Pls sir i need to enlighten me on that, thanks.

  31. is there any way I can do it? I got good grades in my waec result except literature E8… ive done my screening scored 74, jamb 214. wanted to study law

    does it it mean I’ve missed the admission? or is there a way to change course?

  32. Please this uploading result of a thing is it for people who didn’t fill it in when registering,, cos I did, so does dat mean I don’t nid to upload anything again

  33. please sir… i use neco awaiting result while registering for d.e and uptil now neco hasn’t been released…. can i go ahead to do my school online screening befre d result come out??

  34. Pls is re-uploading of result necessary for those who used awaiting result and have uploaded their result before now? Or do they need to upload their result again?

  35. please sir is jamb portal still open for now and when will it close?
    also sir do I need to thumbprint again in the cbt centre before I upload my results?

  36. When I registered for jamb I choose waec for my result but it wasn’t good enough so please can I combine it my neco awaiting result.

  37. please my name is victoria afanye an a atudent have uploaded my waec result when am registering for jamb cause i did my waec 2016 and i heard that we should upload our o-level result but am trying to upload it is not uploading how am i going to do it please.

  38. Please when is the uploading of result close. Also, I heard about a new sometimes last week that regularization will close this Friday, how true is that and what’s the effect?

  39. When is the closing date for the result upload on jamb site? And is it for all candidate that sat for jamb or only the awaiting result ones?
    Please inform me

  40. I heard dat uploading is referred to all candidate that wrote 2017jamb, but when I uploaded mine they asked to provide my email address n a copy of my waec result which was scanned by them but sir am confused they did not asked me of my jamb profile password pls was the uploading successful in this manner?

  41. plz av done d re-upload buh don’t know how 2 check if it was successful or not, although, d attendant at d cbt center told me it was successful, he even showed me n I saw it on d screen buh I want 2 confirm it on my profile myself but don’t know how to.

  42. Lol. Before you ask questions try and read previous posts na. You all are making him tired. Lol
    I hv gotten my answer to my question.
    No date announced as last date yet!

  43. Sir my own is critical .mywace is my neco is out but did not make English . although I filled my admission form with wace awaiting.Sir am so confused and depressed what should I do now.can I be given admission with awaiting result?

  44. Hello sir,
    They is one thing that confulsed me oo.
    one of my friend wrote waec and neco and he got 7 credit and d7 for maths and english the he make it in his neco and finally he went and legalistec changed his name from ayema odaudu to james odaudu.
    sir, such of a person like that will they be admission for him or can him register for jamb with that new name an success ?

    sir it confulsed me and i don’t how his feauture is going to be oo sir.

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